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Moment shown running 2.1

EDIT: This video is by LincKraker. I posted earlier today about a cooked ROM for hacked Moments that was rocking 2.1. I still can’t fully endorse it because I don’t have a Moment on hand, but here’s a video of a phone that was hacked using the process followed in that same thread. As always, embarking on this journey is done at your own risk, but I… Read more

2.1 for hacked Moments: dare you?


I realize that dabbling with cooked ROMs is an at-your-own-risk type of business, but there are a few big names out there that we all know we can trust – Cyanogen, MoDaCo, a bunch of other folks who post over at xda-developers… Flashing ROMs released by these cats is a pretty safe endeavor. But what do you do when tempted by someone who appears to be a… Read more

Moment gets updated, still not 2.1

Samsumg Moment

It’s been just over a month since Sprint and Samsung issued a standard maintenance fix for the Samsung Moment, but apparently the companies figured there were still some people out there who hadn’t gone into a store and finished the deed. Thankfully, they’ve gone ahead and made it a bit easier for those who were waiting for another option. No, this isn’t… Read more

Rumor: February 22nd Marks 2.1 upgrade for Samsung Moment

Everybody loves a good rumor, and one as juicy as this should definitely start whetting the appetite. Especially if you’re one of those out there who went into a Sprint store and turned down the Hero in favor of Samsung’s physical keyboard-toting Moment. While we’d love to say that there’s more to this story than just the simple rumor mill round-up, we… Read more

Samsung Moment Update

The good news: If you own a Samsung Moment, you are in store for an update. Sprint is saying the update, CL14, will include Network Assist GPS to allow indoor location fix Updates to several third-party apps, including Visual Voicemail, NFL, NASCAR and Sprint TV Change to Emergency Dial on lock screen Hard reset available in recovery mode: remove and… Read more

Hero and Moment holiday deals

If the race to unload Verizon’s Google-powered merch for the lowest price possible – like free – didn’t have you waffling about where to get your next Android, this might: Best Buy is selling Sprint’s Hero and Moment for $99 with instant rebates on a two-year contract. Tell me the Behold II doesn’t look like a rip off right about now. The deal lasts… Read more

Samsung Moment / InstinctQ / m850 / m950


Specs: 3.2 inch AMOLED display at 320 x 480; 1500mAh battery; 800 MHz Samsung S3C6410 CPU; 256MB RAM; 2 GB microSD – up to 32; Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, accelerometer and GPS Released by: Sprint on November 1st US cost:$179.99 on a two-year contract US Plan: Notes:… Read more

Sprint updates

We recently learned that HTC would be skipping the 1.6 update for European Hero owners; bringing them straight from 1.5 to 2.0. Now, Gearlog reports that Sprint is working on upgrades for the HTC Hero and Samsung moment, among some other cool things that may or may not include an Android with a built-in Mi-Fi-esque router. There’s no word on a time… Read more

Moment in the hizzy

Did I really just say that? Yes, yes I did. I’ve only got this particular device for a day or two, then it’s off to Kravitz in San Francisco for his reviews, dogfights, and whatever else he has in mind. I think another one might be headed my way though, so feel free to ask questions and tell me what you’d like to see on video. You can get me on Twitter… Read more