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Motorola Discontinues MOTOACTV, Drops Price To Clear Inventory

I’ll readily admit that if it wasn’t for writing up this story, I would say I had long forgotten about the MOTOACTV fitness watch Motorola introduced with the DROID RAZR. Along with the discontinued stamp from Motorola comes a price drop of $100, bringing the price to a more “reasonable” $150 for the 8GB model or $200 for the 16GB model. As a quick… Read more

MOTOACTV software update announced by Motorola

Our favorite wearable peripheral the MOTOACTV is all set to get an update. The watch-like device is adding more features and tweaking performance to ensure that your MOTOACTV stays useful. The fitness tracker’s update which has been announced and classified as “coming soon” delivers performance enhancements, more customization options, and several… Read more

Motorola MOTOACTV will be available in the UK December 1

When Motorola unveiled their MOTOACTV accessory, they weren’t shy on hinting that the device wouldn’t be restricted to just one market. While we’ve already seen the exercise-slash-music device here in the States, it’s time for other markets to get their hands on it. Motorola has officially announced earlier this morning that the device will be heading to… Read more