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VZW and Google working together, 2 Androids on Verizon this year


Lowell McAdam and Eric Schmidt – CEOs of Verizon and Google – announced today a partnership 18 months in the making. The two companies, previously at odds with one another, are embarking on a joint venture to release an entire family of Android-driven products. Verizon will be releasing two Android phones by the end of the year, with many more to… Read more

MotoDroid… *something* coming October 30th

In another image leak from BGR, we have some sort of indicator for the future of what has been called the Sholes and Tao, but may be officially titled, “MotoDroid.” As you can see from the color key at the top of the calendar, red entries are designated for marketing. So maybe this will be the day of a big announcement. Considering this morning’s revelation… Read more