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DROID XOOM to come without 4G

Motorola’s dual-core Honeycomb packin’ tablet has been subject to leaks and rumors as far back as at least September. Since then, the device has gone through so many names, it’s hard to keep up with them. We’ve heard Stingray for a long time, MZ600, MotoPad, Everest, Trygon… just about the only one we haven’t heard is the new title given to the device… Read more

Pictures: Motorola tablet poses for some better snaps

We still don’t know what name it will bear: Stingray, Everest, Trygon, or the lackluster MotoPad (doubtful), but almost everything else the average consumer could want to know about Motorola’s upcoming 10″ tablet–at least in terms of hardware–is out in the open. The previously leaked specs are holding up, and we’re pretty sure this thing will ship with a… Read more

Motorola’s Android tablet leaked in Taiwan

According to the site Mobile01, and Google Translate, one lucky Taiwanese Googler has their hands on one of Motorola’s Android tablets shown off by Andy Rubin on D:Dive and has some specs to share. Compared to currently available Android tablets, Motorola’s offerings are a step above. Base specs feature a NVIDIA Tegra 2 T20 dual-core processor, gyroscope, a… Read more

Android 3.0 to be unveiled by MOTOPAD?

Eldar Murtazin of Mobile-Review.com sent an update this morning that is setting the Android-o-sphere a-buzz. The exact words ere: “Google choose MOTOPAD as a first device to show Android 3.0 – 7 inch version” As they did with Android version 2.0, it appears Motorola will have the crushing advantage of being the first OEM to release an Android 3.0… Read more