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Motorola Charm maintenance update in the works

Just two days ago, Motorola announced that along with the Flipout, the Charm would not be updated past 2.1. Motorola isn’t backing out on their word, but they aren’t leaving the Charm for dead either. As of right now, Motorola is looking for 500 candidates to beta test a maintenance update. In order to get involved, you have to take a short survey by… Read more

Motorola Charm and Flipout stuck on 2.1

It’s never a good time when Motorola updates their handy Android Software Upgrade chart for the worse, but here we are again. Last time this happened, it was the Cliq XT who would be left on Android 1.5 (ouch), and this time it’s the Charm and Flipout being left behind. Fortunately, the Charm and Flipout are both stuck on 2.1, but nonetheless, users of… Read more

Motorola Charm rooted

Thanks to the bright minds over at XDA Developers, and a select brave few, it’s now been confirmed that the Motorola Charm can be rooted via Universal Androot. If I’m not mistaken, NAND isn’t unlocked during the process, so reverting back to stock is as easy as pie. Of course that also means no custom ROMs yet, but Super User permissions are better then… Read more

Motorola Charm launches without UMA

T-Mobile officially launched their bargain chicklet texter, the Motorola Charm, today for just $74.99 on contract. Many of us were expecting “UMALite” support after seeing what appeared to be a pretty solid leak on the matter, but it looks as though Charm will not be T-Mobile’s first UMA-equipped Android. Nevertheless, the form factor alone assures this… Read more

Motorola Charm preview

Thinking about picking the Motorola Charm tomorrow from T-Mobile, but need to see more first? Fear not, Wirefly has you covered. The Motorola Charm features MOTOBLUR 2.1 with a 2.8″ display (resolution of 320×280), 3.0MP AF camera, full front facing QWERTY keyboard, and Motorola’s Backtrack Navigation pad. According to TmoNews, the device will also come… Read more

Motorola Charm on Telus now

Have you been yearning for a new Android form-factor? Perhaps you miss the Motorola Q9s and BlackBerrys of years gone by? Well Telus users can remedy those problems with the release of the Motorola Charm. The device hasn’t changed much from the last time we saw it, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing: HSPA, 2.8″ screen, 3MP camera w/flash, WiFi, and… Read more

Motorola Charm demo turns up in T-Mobile stores

Motorola Charm

Jaroslav Stekl of iWebadroid found the Motorola Charm sitting in his local T-Mobile store yesterday, priced at $309 outright and $189.99 on a new contract with a $15.50 per month plan. Jeroslav points out that some killer superphones can be had for just $200 on a new contract, but I think a large number of people out there – particularly students – will be… Read more

Motorola Charm shows up at T-Mobile.com

motorola charm

Those of you waiting patiently for an alternate form factor in the Android line up are about to get your chance at Motorola’s slab, Charm. August 25th is the anticipated launch date and the phone has now turned up on T-Mobile’s website. The flavors to be offered are Bronze and Cabernet. Motoblur, 3MP cam, GPS, Bluetooth, and a 1420mAh battery are among… Read more

Motorola Charm planned for 8/25

Our friend David over at TMoNews has some sort of internal e-document leaked from T-Mobile that will be of interest to fans of the upcoming Motorola Charm. The device launch has been pushed to August 25th, but if it’s for the reason David suspects – battery life – the wait will be well worth it. As you can see, the phone is destined for two flavors:… Read more

Motorola Charm announced, promo video released

After a long build up of rumors and leaks, Motorola have officially announced the T-Mobile Charm: a unibody hardware QWERTY design running Android 2.1 and MOTOBLUR. The phone also features a 2.8″ screen and 3MP cam, not to mention the Backtrack Navigation previously seen in the Backflip. If you’re not up to speed on Backtrack, just watch the video below. 2… Read more