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Motorola Cliq 2.1 update available now

Do you believe it, Cliq owners? Eclair is available to you as of right now. No, seriously. But, as expected, it isn’t an OTA (over-the-air) update; you’ll have to download and install this one for yourself. Start with this page over at Motorola’s website and be sure to read the instructions. This update delivers a nice list of new features to ye ol’… Read more

Motorola looking for Cliq 2.1 beta testers

Earlier today, we received word that Motorola is looking for first come first serve (along with some other pre-reqs) beta testers for 2.1 on the Cliq. Sure enough, like clockwork the Motorola Owners’ Forums has posted a message containing the following: “Motorola and T-Mobile are happy to announce a trial release of the 2.1 (Éclair) software upgrade… Read more

RUMOR: Moto Cliq update coming by mid-Nov

How many times have we been down this road before? Far too many. An update to get the Motorola Cliq caught up to Android 2.1 has has been delayed, pushed back, shoved aside, and dragged back into the limelight time and time again. Let’s try not to get our hopes up too high, but according to a leaked document obtained by TmoNews, the update may actually… Read more