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Motorola Defy Mini hits the FCC, may come to North America

Motorola released the original Defy on T-Mobile way back in November of 2010, and it turned out to be one of the more popular mid-range Android handsets. Not too long ago they announced the Defy Mini, and it has now just hit the FCC with AT&T bands on board. As a refresher, it features a 3.2-inch Gorilla Glass display with a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels,… Read more

How to root the Motorola Defy

What good is a rugged phone if it won’t behave the way you want it to? It’s great to be able to submerge a mobile device in water without fear, but if it’s stolen, and the thief can make the phone his or her own (no discrimination here, lllllladies!), your hard core gadget won’t seem so hard core, wil it? (Use Theft Aware on rooted devices to protect… Read more

White Galaxy S and Motorola DEFY land at Carphone Warehouse

If you’ve been pining that white Galaxy S that was seen floating around the web quite some time ago (which eventually landed in Asia), and happen to have access to Carphone Warehouse in the UK, then your wait is coming to and end. Announced today, the White Galaxy S will be available exclusively through Carphone Warehouse, to the tune of 0 dollars and 0… Read more

Motorola DEFY launching Nov. 3 for $99.99

The T-Mobile Twitter account strikes again. This time, in the form of a launch date and pricing info for the ultra rugged Motorola DEFY. The date? November 3rd, right around the time that T-Mobile inventory list leak said it would be. The price? You’re looking at $99.99 on a new 2 year contract. If you ask me, $100 for 3.7″, 800MHz, military grade… Read more

Motorola DEFY coming soon page is live now

During what has been a flurry of release info tonight from T-Mobile, another coming soon page went live under the radar, this time for the Motorola DEFY. In case you don’t remember, the DEFY is a handset with the rugged in mind: Water-resistant and dust proof for work, 3.7″ screen, BLUR, 5MP camera, and FM radio for fun. According to the dedicated coming… Read more

T-Mobile to host the rugged Motorola DEFY

Well, of course, the Oprah Winfrey show is the perfect venue for announcing a new mobile device. Why not? (Please refrain from jokes about MOTOBLUR bloatware and Oprah — I did.) That’s exactly what Motorola did with the DEFY, an Android phone slated to launch on T-Mobile soon. The device’s focus is squarely on being sturdy and resistent, whether it… Read more

Motorola’s Defy should take a beating

Motorola’s newest ruggedized Android is heading for Europe in Q4 with Gorilla Glass, a 800MHz OMAP 3610 processor, 5MP cam with LED flash, and a 3.7-inch display at 480 X 854 pixels. The device will ship with Android 2.1, Eclair, under MotoBlur 1.5, though Android 2.2, Froyo, might come later. Defy is Motorola’s second ruggedized Android, but more… Read more