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Motorola DROID Bionic for Verizon software update expected to hit in 60 days or less

If you’re the (proud?) owner of a Motorola DROID Bionic, then we’ve got some pretty good news for you. According to Motorola’s Forums Manager, Matt, the device is on the slate for getting a brand new software update that will apparently fix some issues you may be having. Unfortunately, the update isn’t hitting phones tomorrow, but a little bit later than… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus boot animation reportedly shown on a Motorola DROID Bionic

What’s the easiest way to see the boot image of a device that hasn’t even been announced yet? Install it on a device that has. That’s reportedly what you’re seeing below — the Motorola DROID Bionic is home to the Galaxy Nexus boot animation, and even if it isn’t on the curved glass behemoth we’re all eagerly anticipating, it’s still an eye-catching… Read more

Motorola DROID Bionic finally official, releasing September 8

We all knew it was coming. We’ve known for quite some time. In fact, it’s been something we’ve been discussing for quite some time, with each subsequent leak hitting the Internet confirming the release date. But now Verizon is ready to go ahead and make it really official, as they usually do. The Motorola DROID Bionic is really official all over again, and… Read more

Motorola DROID Bionic already rooted

While the Motorola DROID Bionic may not actually be available for purchase quite yet (it will be soon), that’s not stopping some intrepid developers out there from making sure that all of the bases are covered for when the device does launch. As the title suggests, the DROID Bionic has made its way to the “rooted” pile, which should make plenty of people… Read more

The “official” Motorola DROID Bionic Twitter account chimes in on a release date

At this point, Motorola and Verizon may just be allowing the DROID Bionic, one of the most hyped phones in recent memory, to beat the topic to death. After leak, after leak, after leak, it’s now up to the “official” Motorola DROID Bionic Twitter account to chime in and dish out when the release date for the device will be. Oh, and guess what? It’s exactly… Read more