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“Exploding DROID” was already broken says Motorola employee

Remember that sensational story about a guy whose DROID allegedly exploded and cut his ear? Yes, the one that was passed on to a television news show almost immediately after it happened. A Motorola employee is now saying that the device was most likely dropped, breaking the glass, before Aron Embry put the gadget to his ear and got cut up: The only… Read more

Updates galore: DROID, X, Wildfire, and Legend

Today is one of those days where it feels like the update news just doesn’t stop rolling in. Be it for maintenance or a full-blown upgrade to Froyo 2.2, there’s a little bit of everything today. The original DROID and DROID X are being updated now to 2.2.1. While the original Motorola DROID’s update is legitimate and rolling out in phases right now,… Read more

Motorola DROID turns on owner, explodes (Somewhat graphic imagery)

Exploding phones are nothing new, and yesterday’s news of a Motorola DROID that (allegedly) sent it’s owner to the hospital for four stitches pales in comparison to reports of cell phones killing their owners, as occurred in India last August and in Korea a few years back. But this is the first tale of cell phone backlash in the Moto DROID world–at least… Read more

DROID broken? You may be in for a surprise

Before I even dig into the meat of this post, it’s time for a disclaimer. I am in no way whatsoever telling or even slightly hinting that you should go and try something like this. It’s not publicly endorsed (to my knowledge) and definitely not guaranteed to work. A very good friend of mine has been using a Motorola DROID on Verizon for somewhere… Read more

Froyo for the Moto DROID available now

Before I even get into this post, this is one of those EVO update situations. The Froyo update floating around on the internet right now is claimed to be official, but unless you receive it OTA, it’s not official. It goes without saying, but whatever happens to your device should you decide to flash this is your problem, and yours alone. Of course, by the… Read more

DROID’s Froyo will not support native tether

While many of you original Motorola DROID users have been patiently waiting for this weeks update to Froyo, Phone Scoop has some bad news for you: “The Droid by Motorola doesn’t have hardware to support a Mobile Hotspot. With tethering there is no Connection on the PC side that will allow you to tether the device so the answer is that option isn’t part… Read more

Moto DROID to see 2.2 next week

What a wonderful Friday for some update news right? Word is coming in that the Motorola DROID will be updated to Android 2.2, Froyo, starting as early as next week. Details are slightly sparse right now, but at least we have a solid time frame. Want a little proof? The Verizon support page for the DROID has been updated with instructions on how to… Read more