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CyanogenMod 9 shown running on Motorola Milestone

Users of the Motorola Milestone (GSM variant of the original Droid) should get excited, as CyanogenMod 9 has just been ported to the device. That means that the two-year old device can finally run the latest Ice Cream Sandwich. Things looked fairly smooth, and while it is still an early alpha we will probably see more of it soon. The camera isn’t working,… Read more

Motorola Milestone comes to Alltel

It may seem a little late for Alltel to just now be getting the Motorola Milestone… OK really late, but hey, better now then never. Compared to Alltel’s other Android device, the HTC Hero, the Milestone is a vast improvement. The Milestone is still just a Motorola DROID under a different name, but a refresher on specs never hurt a potential buyer: 5 MP… Read more