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Google Says More Job Cuts Coming To Motorola Mobility Unit

Google’s original plan to lay off 20% of their Motorola Mobility unit may have been understated according to a new Google statement. While Google originally planned to spend $275 million on severance packages as announced back in the middle of August, Google is now revising that number to $300 million. Moreover, Google says it will spend another $90… Read more

Motorola XT928 to launch mid-December

No rest for the weary, or Motorola for that matter. The mobile giant released the XT928 for all its smartphone-obsessed consumers in mainland China. The phone sports a 1.2GHz processor, a 13MP camera, and Dolby digital audio in a slick form factor. The XT928 is a 720p resolution phone which also has enhanced features like Wide Dynamic Range on its camera… Read more

Motorola XT615 to hit China’s shores

Last week, Taiwanese citizens received the quiet launch of the XT615 with limited fanfare. Soon, the slim handset is going to be launched on the mainland sporting the Moto Switch 2.0 interface and a screen that supports 16 million colors at a respectable 854 x 480 pixel resolution. According to Moto Mobility, the handset was design for fashionistas… Read more

Motorola spawns Mobility, which acquires 4Home

Effective January 4th 2011, Motorola will be detached from its mobile and set-top box division, which will become Motorola Mobility, stock symbol MMI. The parent company will be known as Motorola Solutions, stock symbol MMS. The press release from two days ago is below. This split is primarily of concern to stock holders, though Mobility has already… Read more