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Moto’s Jha speaks up on Xoom pricing

It’s been a good solid day since we’ve last talked about Motorola Xoom pricing, so why not eh? I know this is getting a little old, but there is some new information to share. Motorola’s Sanjay Jha sat down with Reuters recently, and has finally spilled the beans on a couple things. First, he said the unsubsidized version of the Xoom with Verizon… Read more

Motorola Xoom video surfaces confirming what we already know: WiFi and GSM versions exists

When it comes to the Motorola Xoom, pricing and availability are still two of the great mysteries surrounding the device. So far, we haven’t seen any evidence that points away from the well known and loved CDMA version of the Xoom launching at $800 on February 24th. We also know that a WiFi only version of the tablet certainly exists outside the US, and… Read more

WiFi-only Xoom passes through the FCC?

When Latin America GM Maurizio Angelone told Infobae last month that a WiFi only version of the Motorola Xoom exists, it was taken as good sign that eventually the US might land one of their very own. Well that was January 9th, and we haven’t heard a word since. We have heard some rumored pricing on the Verizon version of the first Honeycomb tablet, but… Read more

Motorola Xoom pricing and release date leaked?

Make sure you take this news with the usual amount of salt you do a rumor or leak post, as this may seem a little farfetched. Nonetheless, if a recent Best Buy leak showing the price for the Motorola Xoom is correct, there’s going to be a lot of unhappy early adopters out there. According to a leaked circular from Best Buy, the Motorola Xoom will… Read more

Ochocinco has a Xoom? Say what?

It’s not everyday a professional football player makes Android headlines, but when he has his hands on a Motorola Xoom, well now that’s a different story. Just last night, Chad Johnson, AKA Ochocinco, sent out a Tweet saying “I just received the new Motorola Xoom Tablet and its pretty awesome, thank you @Motorola but you won’t be getting this back!!!!”… Read more

Video: Motorola Xoom Super Bowl promotion

Motorola hasn’t been one to take advertising lightly in recent years, and their newest Super Bowl related promotion is a testament to that. The spot, shown below, doesn’t feature much more than some specs and some incredibly obvious rips on Apple — “2011 looks a lot like 1984,” “ONE AUTHORITY, ONE DESIGN, ONE WAY TO WORK. . .” — but it certainly gets the… Read more

Apple’s looking for a fight with the bulky and the bizarre

In a recent earnings call with acting COO of Apple Tim Cook, a lot more than Apple’s incredibly massive profits were discussed. Among talks of a 26.74 billion dollar quarter, were also talks of the iPad and its competitors – the bulky and the bizarre. According to Cook, Windows tablets come off as heavy and expensive, and Android tablets come off as… Read more

CES video: Honeycomb demo from Verizon presser

Principal engineer of Android, Mike Cleron joined Motorola Chairman and CEO Sanjay Jha and Verizon’s Lowell McAdam on stage at the Verizon press conference at CES in Las Vegas today in order to show off Google’s tablet-optimized version of Android, Honeycomb. The ultra-powerful dual-core Xoom was used to demo the software, which is aesthetically… Read more

CES: Motorola announces Xoom tablet

We knew it was coming and yet the thrill is not diminished. Motorola announced their upcoming Verizon Android tablet, Xoom at their CES press event tonight, and golly is it pretty. The 10″ tablet features a 1280 X 800 resolution display, 720p video capture with 1080p playback, all the standard wireless connectivity, and will launch in Q1 with Verizon… Read more