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Motorola XT615 to hit China’s shores

Last week, Taiwanese citizens received the quiet launch of the XT615 with limited fanfare. Soon, the slim handset is going to be launched on the mainland sporting the Moto Switch 2.0 interface and a screen that supports 16 million colors at a respectable 854 x 480 pixel resolution. According to Moto Mobility, the handset was design for fashionistas… Read more

Motorola XT615 finds its way to the FCC and leaves unchanged

The Motorola XT615 has found its way into the FCC’s gauntlet, but has managed to find its way out seemingly unchanged. That’s right, the device is just as slim, and yes, it’s not featuring any kind of LTE-connectivity. If you are in an international market, though, and you’re finding yourself in the need of a new phone, the XT615 does seem willing to fit… Read more