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Google Play Movies Embracing Rooted Users, Allows Playback

Apparently, Google Play Movies has been allowing rooted users to play movies on their devices since Google I/O. If you are not aware, neither movies nor books worked on rooted devices previously. I don’t know what Google has done to get rid of the risk of people stealing the movies (I hope it’s not a bad form of DRM, though some minor DRM would be fine… Read more

Sony’s New Google TV Now Up For Pre-order

Sony’s new NSZ-GS7 Google TV has offcially gone up for pre-order from several online retailers. The company’s new TV companion accessory was first unveiled back in January at CES, but is finally ready for prime time. The device is running Google’s latest version of the Google TV platform and offers several design enhancements over previous models. Most… Read more

Google Drops 12 of the Top Movies in Android Market to $.99

There are four legs to the Android Market. Apps, Books, Music, and the often overlooked Movies. Google doesn’t want them to go unnoticed this shopping holiday season so they’ve whipped up a pretty decent sale. 12 of the top movies in Android Market will be dropped down to $.99 for the next two weeks. If you’re unfamiliar with Android Market movie… Read more

Advanced video editing is coming to Android

In testing for my Galaxy Tab 10.1 full review, I found Samsung’s three inch increase in screen size over their original seven-inch Tab to provide a negligible improvement in the enjoyment of reading ebooks, browsing the web and navigating the OS. I enjoyed a significantly better gaming experience and spent more time watching videos than I had on the… Read more

Google bringing Netflix to Chrome, Chrome OS, and Linux via HTML5

Following up on reports that Netflix would eventually use HTML5 for instant streaming of their movies rather than Microsoft’s Silverlight, a chromium.org post (which is now password protected) recently revealed that a new version of Netflix utilizing the tech should be available for the next generation of Chrome OS devices. The server-side technology… Read more

YouTube launches movie rentals

In a post covering the history of YouTube, the increasing lack of distinction between video delivery methods, and the video giant’s investments in original content, Salar Kamangar announced today the imminent availability of YouTube video rentals. The system, which will rely on Google Checkout for payments, was first announced in January. YT Movies… Read more