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Samsung Teams Up With Mozilla To Create New Browser Engine

We may soon see a new browser from Samsung. As you know, Google discontinued the stock Android browser in favor of a more closed browser, Chrome for Android. Samsung, who builds their own browser off the stock Android browser, could be a little stuck. So of course, they go and work with Mozilla to create not just a new browser, but an entirely new… Read more

Mozilla: “Something BIG Coming Your Way”

The creators of the popular PC browser Firefox have tried to establish a foothold in the Android world as well with a full mobile browser. It hasn’t caught on with everybody due to the stock browser and Chrome Beta being popular but it still has its fair share of fans. Those fans are going to be very happy next week as Mozilla has said via their Twitter… Read more

Poll: Are you interested in Mozilla’s Android-based OS?

A few days ago, SeaMonkey, Firefox, and Firefox Mobile company, Mozilla, announced that they are working on an Android-based operating system for mobile devices. The software would utilize Android for beneath-the-surface operations like managing hardware, but would feature a completely new UI. The “Frakenstein” OS is called Boot to Gecko–or B2G–and… Read more