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Better video of homescreen pinch-and-zoom in Sense

When I posted that long, sideways, blurry video of the pinch-and-zoom homescreen to be found in the forthcoming version of Sense, I did so because it was the only such video I was aware of. Thanks to @froncoissmexy for putting together a brief, high quality version that gets right to the point without… Read more

Nexus One OTA Update Brings Multi-Touch

A lot of folks went and grabbed the update online and installed manually. I am a patient boy. I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait. And when something does happen, I turn on my camera. So here’s a video of me hitting a button, waiting a long time, and then testing pinch-to-zoom in the stock browser, gallery, and in Google Maps version 3.4. I threw in a little… Read more

Multi-Touch Maps for Motorola’s Droid


I welcomed an update for my Nexus One last night with open arms, as it brought pinch-and-zoom functionality to Maps and the stock browser and gallery apps. I filmed the update for the obsessively curious and will post later today. But if you’re a Droid user, there’s no need to wait for that multi-touch jazz. Go download Google Maps v. 3.4 from the Market… Read more

Nexus One Gets Pinch-To-Zoom

Nexus One owners will see an OTA update rolling out very soon with some really great changes inside, changes you’ve all been waiting for. Starting today, the Nexus One will be able to fully utilize multitouch in native apps. The multitouch support will include web browser, picture gallery, and Google Maps for starters. It gets even better. The update… Read more