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Google Music Beta: first impressions

It’s silly to complain about technological inconveniences these days, and I’m not about to. But I have to admit that, despite the amazing capability we have to carry around the stunning performances of brilliant musicians, valuable spoken words of inspiring public figures, or an author’s inimitable reading of their masterpiece tome–centuries worth of… Read more

MKB Reviews: Music Player 3.0

This week at Google I/O 2011 the Music Beta service was introduced. While the beta itself is still available via invites, you can download and install Google’s Music Player 3.0 application on your Android device to listen to your existing collection. The user interface has been reconstructed to mimic the Android YouTube app’s tabbed interface and tie in… Read more

Google launches Music Beta

Here we go, folks. Google’s cloud-based music service is now accepting invitation requests. Go to the Google Music invite page while signed into your Google account, and you’ll get a “thanks for your interest” message, which will eventually be followed up by an invitation in your email. Check out Google Music’s about page for some screenshots and the… Read more

Winamp for Android hits 1.0

The app that has attempted to take its desktop dominance to the mobile front has finally reached version 1.0 today, and along with it come some much desirable features. Among a redesigned home screen and SHOUTcast featured stations, Winamp for Android version 1.0 comes with a: “Now Playing screen redesign; Additional artist info including News;… Read more

Winamp for Android promo spot

Admit it:You are liking music and you are liking phone, but music is NOT of play! But not to worry, Winamp for Android, represented by an Andy/llama hybrid, is here to save the day. And there’s really nothing else to be learned from this Android Market promo video for the Android-friendly version of what is arguably the most well-known desktop music… Read more

MotoBlur Connected Music Player now available

A new MotoBlur music player has been leaked over at xda-developers, and while it’s not entirely clear which new device the software came from, it is clear that the Connected Music Player (version 1.0.179) is most definitely connected. Lyrics are drawn in via TuneWiki (when available), YouTube can be searched for music videos by artist and track title,… Read more

Chrome extension: exfm

Apart from placing in Business Insider’s top 25 “hush-hush” NYC startups that you need to know about, exfm (formerly Extension FM) hasn’t received anywhere near the amount of attention it deserves. BI blames this, in part, on the product’s exclusivity to a “niche browser” (Chrome is the favorite of DroidDog readers, and by a hefty margin). But more… Read more

VEVO for Android available now

Thanks to partnerships with close to every major recording label in the industry, VEVO’s claim that they are the “leading premium music video and entertainment service” is a pretty accurate statement. VEVO has taken over YouTube, they host their own website in which you can find music videos, and now they’re bringing their media empire to Android… Read more

John’s top 5 Chrome Web Store entries for music and video

Since receiving Google’s Cr-48 Chrome OS netbook two weeks ago (unboxing, impressions), I’ve spent a fair amount of my time with the device looking for the coolest extensions and web apps. Those you’ll find in the Chrome Web Store range from highly specific apps that are tailored for the Chrome browser on the Chrome OS to icons that are nothing but… Read more