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ZTE Chorus for Cricket now available

If you are a Cricket subscriber and you haven’t managed to switch over to the carrier’s Muve Music yet, then perhaps the ZTE Chorus is the phone you’ve been waiting for. If you’ve been waiting for a cheap device that isn’t packing in the features, anyway. The latest Android-powered device won’t break the bank, but it also probably won’t impress your friends… Read more

ZTE Score launching for Cricket on September 25

Cricket is on a roll with the wireless carrier’s Muve Music Android-based handsets. It was just two weeks ago that they revealed the Samsung Vitality, and now it’s ZTE’s time to jump into the fun. This time around it’s another Gingerbread-powered device, but this device is decidedly a lot more “low-end” than even the Vitality. The ZTE Score will feature… Read more

Samsung Vitality available for pre-order from Best Buy

Do you remember the Samsung Vitality? It’s the latest Android-powered device to be announced for Cricket’s network. The device is scheduled to land sometime in the coming week or so, but if you’re eager to get your hands on this latest mid-range device, then Best Buy has you covered with a brand new pre-order page for the device. Here’s a quick… Read more