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HTC Vivid set to receive Ice Cream Sandwich, along with Beats Audio and tweaked Sense UI

While HTC was busy announcing new devices yesterday, much to the happiness of phone fans everywhere, they also announced a bit of news for owners of the HTC Vivid on AT&T’s network. The phone manufacturer has confirmed the device will be getting a software upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in the coming weeks. Of course, the “confirmation” that… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 officially announced

Yesterday we saw a sign that promoted the Galaxy Note 10.1 by Samsung. Several days before that we had heard a rumor that Samsung was planning on bringing the Note name to the tablet family, adding that S-Pen to those out there who want something a bit bigger than a device that falls between a phone and a tablet. Today, Samsung has officially announced… Read more

HTC One V fills the ranks, showcases the chin

If you’ll remember the original HTC Hero, the device that started the whole HTC Sense/Android revolution way back in the day, then you’ll recall “the chin.” It was prominent on the device, and many people either loved it or hated it. We here at DroidDog loved it, to be honest, and we are pleasantly surprised to see that HTC has brought the chin back to… Read more

HTC One X announced, heading to AT&T in April

The One S by HTC isn’t the only new phone being announced by HTC today/tonight, which isn’t a surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention to all the rumors and speculation. But, unlike the One S, the One X is every bit of a high-end device, featuring the latest and greatest in software, as well as hardware. But, there’s a catch. There’s always a… Read more

HTC One S officially unveiled at Mobile World Congress

While HTC holds their press event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which is going on right now, the wireless manufacturer’s CEO Peter Chou is busy talking about new phones. One such new device is the One S, which falls in line with the new design focus from HTC. As you might image, and as we’ve heard in the past, HTC’s new focus on quality or quantity… Read more

Sony Xperia U unveiled at Mobile World Congress

Right behind the Xperia P by Sony, here we have the Xperia U, the smallest of the three brand new brothers making their debut at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this evening (in that particular region). But while the Xperia U may have the features you want, the fact that it is launching on the previous version of Android, with a “scheduled update”… Read more

Sony Xperia P officially announced

Today is a busy day for announcements. After Huawei and Samsung managed to steal much of the spotlight late last night and this morning, Sony is busy taking the stage at their own event right now. During this time, they’re announcing three brand new handsets: The Xpera P, Xperia U, and the Xperia S. All three devices showcase Sony’s new design strategy, as… Read more