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HTC One X poses for the camera

While we all anxiously await for HTC to take the stage at Mobile World Congress (or, more appropriately, right before MWC), we’re left grasping at anything we can get our hands on in regards to upcoming devices. Thanks to ITProPortal, we finally have a first look at what is known as the HTC One X in the wild. It was only yesterday that we reportedly saw… Read more

Samsung Galaxy B rumored to feature a bezel-less design

We know that Samsung has decided to skip a big event at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Instead, they will be showing off new devices at their booth at the trade show next week. Skipping the big spectacle, and with confirmation from Samsung, means that there probably won’t be any indication that the company’s next flagship device, the Galaxy S III… Read more

Acer CloudMobile gets caught on camera, shows off the goods

It hasn’t been too long since we last heard about the CloudMobile by Acer, the company’s high-end smartphone that’s headed towards Mobile World Congress to get its big time in the spotlight. And considering the specifications the device is said to be running, there’s no reason as to why the CloudMobile can’t be a real competitor for the most anticipated… Read more

HTC One X render leaks ahead of MWC announcement

Over the last couple of weeks we have heard plenty about HTC’s upcoming devices. However, while specifications are one thing, it’s been the rumored names of the handsets that has gotten some people most interested. We found out about HTC’s rumored new naming scheme well in advance of the company’s expected launch date during Mobile World Congress next week,… Read more

Huawei’s 10-inch tablet leaks ahead of announcement

As is usual in these types of situations, well before an official announcement, here we are looking at a “small” image of a 10-inch tablet device from a manufacturer that is probably not ready to tease anything quite yet. This time around it’s the manufacturer Huawei, which apparently has a 10-inch tablet device ready to hit the market sometime this year,… Read more