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HTC Sense 4.0 UI gets an early hands-on

With Mobile World Congress right around the corner, one of the highlights of the show for HTC fans is the unveiling of Sense 4.0. The company’s proprietary user interface has been around a long time, and there are many people out there who believe that it may becoming long in the tooth. But, that could be changing for the better if Pocketnow’s early… Read more

HTC releases invites for February 26 event

Mobile World Congress is right around the corner. More or less. We’ve got just over a month before the world’s leading phone manufacturers step up on stage and showcase their latest and greatest. We fully expect Samsung to showcase their brand new Galaxy S III, and we know that Huawei is even doing what they can to showcase their next big series of phones…. Read more

HTC Primo rumored to follow along at Mobile World Congress

We have heard about the HTC Ville and the HTC Edge, both of which are supposed to be high-end devices running some pretty impressive specifications whenever they launch. More importantly, the devices are rumored to be unveiled at this year’s Mobile World Congress, which should make it a pretty exciting event for HTC fans. But, with those high-end devices on… Read more

LG X3 render reportedly leaked online

While LG had plenty of things to show off at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the company wasn’t shy in proclaiming their mobile news would be showcased at Mobile World Congress in February. But it looks like Pocketnow may have gotten the jump on some of that excitement, as we are seeing our first glimpse of what is rumored to be called… Read more

HTC Ville to launch on T-Mobile

HTC hasn’t launched any new Android handsets as of late, most likely reserving for the upcoming Mobile World Congress next month. We may have something to look forward to, as the already leaked HTC Ville might be coming to T-Mobile in the US. As a refresher, the device sports a 4.3-inch qHD display, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, high-quality 8MP camera, and… Read more

HTC Flyer roundup

When the HTC Flyer — HTC’s 7-inch tablet — was first announced, information on the device was abundant to say the least. Now that things have calmed down a bit, let’s take a look at what we know. Hardware: First up on the list: hardware specs. The Flyer could have the best software out there, but if the specs don’t match up, why bother? Here’s… Read more

HTC Thunderbolt video says phone is coming soon

The buzz machine has switched gears on us several times since HTC’s unveiling of their upcoming Thunderbolt device at CES in Las Vagas last month. We’ve heard about delays and numerous potential release dates, the latest being February 24th. But today, apparently after Peter Chou said the phone would be shipping this week, Verizon Wireless posted a new… Read more

The HTC S line: Desire, Wildfire, and Incredible S

What do you do when you finally run out of phone names? Why add a letter to the end of old names of course! It worked with the DROID and Galaxy line of devices, and HTC is gonna go with it for three of their new devices: The Desire S, the Incredible S, and the Wildfire S. Desire S The Desire S is yet another follow up to the incredibly popular… Read more

HTC’s “One Touch Facebook Access” phones revealed

Let’s just get this straight: There is no real Facebook phone. Yet. And for right now, this is as good as it’s gonna get. Just announced today, HTC will be manufacturing not one, but two Android devices featuring dedicated Facebook buttons — The Salsa and Chacha. Just what do these Facebook buttons do? Well for starters, they’re context aware. Whenever… Read more