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HTC Flyer roundup

When the HTC Flyer — HTC’s 7-inch tablet — was first announced, information on the device was abundant to say the least. Now that things have calmed down a bit, let’s take a look at what we know. Hardware: First up on the list: hardware specs. The Flyer could have the best software out there, but if the specs don’t match up, why bother? Here’s… Read more

HTC Thunderbolt video says phone is coming soon

The buzz machine has switched gears on us several times since HTC’s unveiling of their upcoming Thunderbolt device at CES in Las Vagas last month. We’ve heard about delays and numerous potential release dates, the latest being February 24th. But today, apparently after Peter Chou said the phone would be shipping this week, Verizon Wireless posted a new… Read more

The HTC S line: Desire, Wildfire, and Incredible S

What do you do when you finally run out of phone names? Why add a letter to the end of old names of course! It worked with the DROID and Galaxy line of devices, and HTC is gonna go with it for three of their new devices: The Desire S, the Incredible S, and the Wildfire S. Desire S The Desire S is yet another follow up to the incredibly popular… Read more

HTC’s “One Touch Facebook Access” phones revealed

Let’s just get this straight: There is no real Facebook phone. Yet. And for right now, this is as good as it’s gonna get. Just announced today, HTC will be manufacturing not one, but two Android devices featuring dedicated Facebook buttons — The Salsa and Chacha. Just what do these Facebook buttons do? Well for starters, they’re context aware. Whenever… Read more

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play videos and specs

After several months of leaks and speculation, Sony Ericsson finally announced their PlayStation phone, the Xperia Play at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona yesterday, along with two other sexy devices, the Xperia Pro and the Xperia Neo. Sony Ericsson is poised to a make a big splash in 2011 with their beautiful hardware design and sleek customized… Read more

LG Optimus 3D officially announced at MWC

Beginning in Q2, Europeans will have access to LG’s hot new Optimus 3D, which features glasses-free enjoyment of 3D interface elements including the app drawer, photo gallery, games, camera interface, YouTube 3D, and 3D Guide. as well as the ability to capture and display 3D stills and video. 2D video can be captured at 1080p. The phone features a dual… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 revealed

Samsung’s first competitor to the iPad, the 7″ Galaxy Tab, fell short of their expectations. Realistically, the device was little more than something to hold would-be iPad buyers over until Samsung could release something that can really compete — Something like the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Coming in with a 10.1-inch, 1280×800 WXGA TFT LCD display, the… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II officially announced

In yet another we’ve been waiting for this for months now moment, the Samsung Galaxy S II (2?) has gone official. Just how long have we been waiting for the GS2 to be officially announced you ask? Try early July of 2010. Seven months in normal time may not be long at all, but seven months in mobile time? Well let’s just say Samsung better… Read more

Sony Ericsson at MWC

Look alive people! It’s Mobile World Congress time and Sony Ericsson has brought out the big guns to prove it. Xperia Play, Pro, Neo? We got ‘em all. Xperia Play The Experia Play has been the most leaked device in recent memory. We’ve seen such a ridiculous amount of coverage on the PSPhone, that it’s easy to forget it’s not actually out yet. So… Read more

LG posts new Optimus 3D commercial

And it’s official: LG is working hard to make sure they have the weirdest commercials in 2011. It all started with their “Something bigger is coming on your way” video featuring stripped down pictures of the Optimus 3D on fake newspapers. Yes, the one with the distorted news anchor voice yelling at you. We also can’t forget the Optimus Pad spot released… Read more