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MWC leaks galore: Galaxy S2, Desire HD2, Desire 2, Wildfire 2

If you didn’t think tonight was going to be a good night for leaks, think again. PocketNow has gotten ahold of some rumored specs and release information from Expansys on a ton of phones to be shown at MWC. A lot of the information is things we’ve already heard hinted towards, but there’s certainly some new info as well. First up, the Samsung Galaxy… Read more

LG Optimus Pad transforms in newest promo video

LG teasing another one of their devices before MWC? You don’t say! If you don’t know LG’s entire MWC lineup by now, you must not be paying attention. Today the company has released yet another video for the Optimus Pad, or G-Slate, this time featuring a little star-power: Optimus Prime, or at least a look-alike. At first glance, the video would appear… Read more

Xperia Play could be bound for Verizon

Back on February 3rd, Wirefly posted a comparison chart illustrating the strengths and weaknesses of Apple’s iPhone versus those of Sony Ericsson’s upcoming PlayStation device, the Xperia Play. It wasn’t unti late last night that Phone Arena was tipped off to what might have been a legitimate leak in the chart: The Xperia Play’s U.S. carrier was listed… Read more

HTC counts down to February 14th MWC event

If you visit HTC’s Facebook page and click on the welcome tab, you’ll be greeted with a countdown clock. That countdown ends on February 14th, which also happens to be the first day of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This year, we might see more exciting and unexpected announcements than we did at CES in Las Vegas last month. What is HTC… Read more

Video: New LG Optimus 3D teaser

With the newest trend in unreleased phone leaks, we’ve seen some pretty tantalizing coverage. It seems that companies are working hard to tease their products before anyone else has the chance to. It’s not like this hasn’t been done in the past, but with the way technology blogs are shaping the tech-news industry, self-perpetuated hype machines are becoming… Read more

LG: “Something bigger is coming”

So Samsung says something big is coming, eh? Well LG says something bigger is coming — Something “dual core-multi channel.” That’s right, another dual-core device is being teased by LG right before MWC, and if videos and leaks line-up, we may be looking at the LG Optimus 3D. According to Phandroid and Engadget, the device pictured in the video below… Read more

Samsung Unpacked: “Something big is coming”

Just in case you were wondering, no, Samsung is not going to stop teasing the “next Galaxy S.” In a recent revamp to Samsung Unpacked, a Sammy hosted promotional site, a new teaser video has been hosted as well as some other pre-MWC information that’s supposed to keep the hype machine going. Along with the aforementioned teaser video comes a place… Read more

HTC said to be working on two Facebook phones

The last time we heard the words City A.M. and exclusive together, the site was spreading news that the Nexus S was going to be available in the UK in time for Christmas. They also said “rumours surrounding a Samsung model are believed to be untrue,” so be sure to keep that in mind when you hear what they’re saying now. According to City A.M., HTC… Read more

Three new HTC devices break cover

Mobile blog PocketNow has their hands on three renders of what are believed to be HTC’s newest devices. As you can see from the picture above, there looks to be one possible Desire successor (Desire 2 as opposed to the Desire HD/Z), a smaller yet sleeker Nexus One-esque device, and some sort of low to mid-range device with physical buttons. There are… Read more

MWC preview: The Samsung S5830

With Mobile World Congress going down a little over a month from now, you can expect to see more leaks on the devices that will be shown any minute now. Leaks like this one on the Samsung S5830. Not much is known about this “small version of the Galaxy S,” but we do have some decent specs to tag it with: The Samsung S5830 runs on Android 2.2.1… Read more