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HTC EVO View 4G and MyTouch 4G Slide get official HTC unlock

HTC has been weathering some stormy seas lately ranging from software issues to litigation. Well, for today, the HTC user community is getting some good news for a change and it looks like all roads lead to root. HTC’s dev portal, HTCDev.com added support for two new devices today, the HTC EVO View 4G and the MyTouch 4G Slide. Now for those that don’t… Read more

HTC myTouch 4G Slide OTA rollout starts tomorrow

Tomorrow, myTouch 4G Slides on T-Mobile will be receiving an OTA that will continue through the 16th of January. The update brings improvements such as: a Google security fix; Improvements to WiFi Calling Improvements to Genius Button Improvements to Netflix For those that can’t stomach waiting, you can manually check to see if the update is… Read more

HTC Doubleshot to be known as the myTouch 4G Slide

The codename HTC Doubleshot has been floating around the Internet for quite some time now, and today we finally have a solid retail name to give to the device: The myTouch 4G Slide. This information was obtained from a leaked ROM for the device, where we also get a nice rundown on the specs: The Doubleshot will come equipped with a Qualcomm… Read more