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The Saturday Wrap: 10/23/2010

To subscribe to the DroidDog Saturday Wrap, click here. Looking for a weekly nutshell of Android news? The Saturday Wrap is for you. Welcome to another edition of the Saturday Wrap where today we’ll be talking about Tabs, Touches, TVs, and tweaks. Also: we wanna hear from you. Find out how to speak up, and make your voice heard. Hardware… Read more

myTouch 4G struts it’s many colors on film

Up until now, we’ve only heard that the myTouch 4G would be coming in multiple colors: black, purple (or egg plant), red, and white. Thanks to CellPhone Signal, we now get to see them. As you can see, the black, purple, and red version all come with a dark greyish metal back, while the white’s back is a bit more bright. According to anyone who’s had… Read more

myTouch 4G video [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Properly oriented video added. END UPDATE The software leaked earlier today from the coming myTouch 4G contains a bundled video file that shows off the phone’s capabilities. Of course, anytime, anywhere video chats are one of the top draws. Unfortunately, the video is oriented for portrait mode phone viewing and I’m still having a slow time… Read more

T-Mobile myTouch HD ROM leaked?

Word is that a file hosted at 911sniper.blog.163.com (that’s totally not an awkward URI) is a signed ROM from the forthcoming myTouch HD. Does it contain mention of secret HTC gadgets planned for the next six months? Time will tell. Will it be ported over to other, currently available devices? I hope so. It’s 311MB of contraband Glacier, right here…. Read more

myTouch Emerald shows up in comparison chart

With HSPA+ support, a secondary front-facing cam, 768MB of RAM and a second-gen Snapdragon processor clocked at 1GHz, T-Mobile’s latest myTouch (a.k.a. myTouch HD or Emerald) is being pitched–at least internally–with the key differentiator summarized in the slogan, “Emerald can, iPhone can’t.” With an eye towards Gingerbread and the video calling emphasis… Read more

The new myTouch is official

T-Mobile has just made a lot of their Android fans very happy with the official announcement of the myTouch HD new myTouch tonight; T-Mobile’s first phone to feature a front facing camera. Although 12AM on a Sunday night seems like an odd time to announce a device, we shouldn’t complain right? Here’s what we now know about the refreshed myTouch: Genius… Read more

T-Mobile G2 and myTouch HD updates

Multiple sources that have independently tipped TMoNews, Android and Me, and Android Spin, and the general consensus is that the HTC Desire Z, a.k.a., Vision, a.k.a., G1 Blaze, is actually the G2 and will launch in September with a vanilla Google experience running Android 2.2. This will be T-Mobile’s first HSPA+ device. The second part of the story is… Read more

myTouch HD: the other side of the story

This isn’t irrefutable proof that yesterday’s leaked image of the MTHG is a real phone in the making, but it definitely strengthens the case. People have been picking part that front shot, pointing out that the myTouch logo is sitting where the T-Mobile stamp should be, that it looks like a squished and otherwise modified version of Vision, and that some… Read more