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Softpedia’s top five Android phones of 09

2009 was a wonderful year for the Android mobile operating system. We saw many good looking devices hit the market and hit them hard. With tech sites finally understanding what Android was made of, the little endeavor by Google made a splash with 1.5 and above. Softpedia – a software download and news site – decided to take the first shots at naming… Read more

Steal a G1 or myTouch from WalMart

Wait, wait… that sounds bad. Not bad enough to change, but I should clarify. WalMart has knocked a grip of bills off of the original costs of these phones, and if you’re willing to sign a two-year agreement you can get yourself a G1 for $48.88 or a myTouch for $98.88. At those prices, you may as well have an extra just for tinkering. Via… Read more

The myTouch Fender facelift

When I first read that T-Mobile was releasing a Fender edition of the myTouch (before I saw pictures), I have to admit that I thought it sounded really tacky. Maybe it’s because I’m not really into the external themes. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been a Gibson man when it comes to electrics. But once I saw the luscious images, I was converted – regarding… Read more

myTouch price drop

Maybe it was the hoo-ha over the Oprah discount, maybe it was the $99 iPhone. Whatever the case, T-Mo is selling the myTouch 3G for $149.99, starting tomorrow. Obviously a good call, T-Mobile, but I would have liked to have seen you match AT&T’s bargain. Via… Read more

HTC Magic / T-Mobile myTouch 3G with Google / Ion / Sapphire

Specs: 528 MHz processsor; 512 MB ROM; 288 MB RAM (192 RAM for myTouch) ; 3.2″ TFT-LCD capacitive touch screen; GPS; accelerometer; compass; bluetooth; 3.2 MP color cam w/ auto-focus; 1340 mAh battery. Later versions came with improved specs and a 3.5 mm audio jack. Fender Limited Edition features a tobacco sunburst finish. Released by: Vodafone… Read more