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Google Releases How-To Video For Google Glass

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4EvNxWhskf8#! If you were wondering how to use Google Glass, probably because you aren’t part of the Explorer program, Google has released a short video describing how to navigate through the UI. It describes the card system, where cards are arranged left to right, with cards on the left being ones… Read more

TomTom Fixes Compatibility Issues With Android App

TomTom makes great GPS units, so I was excited to see the TomTom GPS app launch on Android.. Unfortunately, there was one problem that ruined the app: it was only compatible with phones that have a display that is 480 pixels wide. Yes, that leaves out all qHD and 720p devices. No brand new phone, not the Galaxy S III or the One X, would be able to run… Read more

Mexico Gets Turn By Turn Navigation Courtesy Of Google Maps

After a while of uncertainty about the state of navigation in Mexico, Google finally added it to the list of supported countries. Now those who are in Mexico can take advantage of Google’s fantastic turn by turn navigation built into their Android phones. While Mexico still doesn’t have piblic transit built into Maps, this is a huge step forward, and… Read more

TomTom Says Android Navigation App Coming In October

TomTom is set to preview it’s future Android navigation app this week at the IFA trade show in Berlin. TomTom says the app will arrive in October offering navigation, traffic and a host of other features in the hopes of bringing users away from Google’s own bundled navigation app. The key factor here will be TomTom’s price and what it can… Read more

French court charges Google for market dominance with Maps

The French judicial system has found Google guilty of using its market dominance to destroy smaller competitors with Google Maps. In simpler terms, when Google launched Maps it had a default base market that others couldn’t compete with, and they now have to pay. €500,000 will go to Google Maps competitor Bottin Cartographs, and another €15,000 fine…. Read more