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Netflix Updated With New Player UI And Android 4.2 Support

The Netflix app has been updated with Android 4.2 support. Yes, the app worked with 4.2 before, but now it’s actually supported on 4.2 (which is important). It also comes with an improved player UI, making it easier to control your favorite shows. With a bigger volume slider, a scrub bar that changes the background as it moves, and a 10 second skip back… Read more

Netflix Director of Product Innovation Discusses Last Week’s User Interface/Service Improvements

As of last week, users began to use a new and improved user interface for Netflix’s Android App. However a true run down of  all the changes was unknown. Well the team behind the movie rental and streaming service is taking the lid off of the update and providing a detailed look at what has changed. Director of Product Innovation Chris Jaffe, in… Read more

Android Netflix App Updated To Include Wi-Fi Only Setting

For those who have yet to catch the update, the official Netflix app for Android has received a new feature that many have been desiring for. Users now have the ability to toggle a setting that commands the app to only work over W-Fi networks.  What makes this feature great, is that it give users the who have to monitor their data usage, the… Read more

Netflix for Android finally hits UK; couch-dwellers rejoice

Looks like the UK is finally going to be able to see what Netflix is like, officially anyway.  The media streaming service announced that they launched their mobile app for those in the UK. The service will cost 5.99 GBP on a monthly basis which pretty much keeps it in line with the cost of service here in the US. For many in the US, Netflix has become… Read more

Netflix officially updated for Ice Cream Sandwich

Now that the Galaxy Nexus has been released in the US, people need some good uses of that huge HD display, right? Netflix has just updated its app to be compatible with Android 4.0. It doesn’t appear to have any new features, but does include a few bug fixes. Hit the Android source link to download it now. Anyone try out the new Netflix app on their Galaxy… Read more

Watch Netflix using Chrome OS

Without a doubt, one of the primary concerns when considering a cloud-based computer system, like the first (publicly available) generation of Chromebooks, is the ability to watch long-form video. Until now, options were limited to YouTube, Vimeo, and other website viewers that generally consist of shorter clips. But now, Netflix instant view is… Read more