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Netflix for Android hits Market, might stream for you

We’ve known (and prayed) for some time that an official Netflix client would hit Android eventually, and now, just two days after Google I/O yielded news that HTML5 would bring Netflix instant streaming to Chrome on multiple platforms, the Android Market has been blessed–at long last–with an official Netflix client. You can search and browse by… Read more

Google bringing Netflix to Chrome, Chrome OS, and Linux via HTML5

Following up on reports that Netflix would eventually use HTML5 for instant streaming of their movies rather than Microsoft’s Silverlight, a chromium.org post (which is now password protected) recently revealed that a new version of Netflix utilizing the tech should be available for the next generation of Chrome OS devices. The server-side technology… Read more

Netflix for Android leaked

Thanks to an LG Revolution prototype, and a certain Mr. Smith, there is now a half-functioning Netflix for Android .apk floating around the web. After first installing and opening the app, you’ll be asked to sign in and then presented with your home screen. The home screen features your top picks, along with some suggested genres of movies. Also… Read more

Qualcomm to bring Netflix to Android

In a world where your Marvells, Samsungs, TIs, and Tegras have all essentially caught up to each other, it’s easy to push who’s manufacturing your Android device’s processor to the back of your head. Realistically, the differences in performance throughout the newest crop of Android processors are barely noticeable. What’s really going to change your… Read more

Google TV vs. Apple TV, part 1: interface, YouTube, Netflix

Of course the primary difference between Google TV and Apple TV is that the former is meant to provide some new content and integrate with an existing supply of content (from your cable or dish supplier) and the later is designed to deliver content with no regard for existing television programming. But there are plenty of other differentiators and I wanted… Read more

Netflix coming to Android, eventually

At this point it certainly can’t come too soon, but I would rather have a polished, feature-rich Netflix app for my Android than a rushed one. And it sounds like the tech/entertainment company is working hard on bringing a quality app to the Android Market. In response to questions from the Reddit crowd, an apparent Netflix employee said the following this… Read more