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Official Bad Piggies Trailer Released

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aBivBq8avw Rovio’s next game, Bad Piggies, is set to launch in only 10 days, on September 27th. Today, we get a gameplay trailer. And it seems it’ll be based on building machines to achieve a certain goal. Looks a lot like Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. While I don’t see how this has anything to do with Angry Birds (these… Read more

Deal: Brand New Motorola XOOM 4G LTE For $250

Motorola XOOMs go on sale very often. All of us know that. And considering the prices, they were pretty good deals. This deal is a lot better. First of all, this is a new XOOM. Not refurbished, but brand new. Second, it’s the 4G LTE model. This one has 32GB of memory and just like all XOOMs, is impervious to any damage short of a bullet. If you want… Read more

AT&T Lights 7 New Cities With 4G LTE, With 45 More Planned

AT&T has announced that today they will be flipping the LTE switch on 7 new cities, giving people the much coveted 4G LTE connection. The cities are as follows: Anchorage, AK Bakersfield, CA Bridgeport, CT Modesto, CA Jacksonville, FL Omaha, NE Syracuse, NY AT&T also has plans to introduce LTE to 45 new cities by the end of… Read more

Rovio Announces New Game, Bad Piggies, Launching 9/27

Rovio has announced a new game it has been teasing us with called Bad Piggies. Ever wondered what the pigs side of the story was? This will let you experience it for yourself. Rovio has taken it upon themselves to make a game around the pigs this time, with completely unique gameplay thankfully lacking slingshots. I mean, I love Angry Birds, but we need… Read more

New Amazon Kindle Leaked, It’s Real Folks

Since Amazon’s Kindle Fire completely sold out earlier today, we wondered what would happen next. Well here’s the answer. The Kindle Fire 2 has been leaked. Information states that there will actually be two new models, one 7″ and one 10″. From the photo, the the Fire seems to be just as plain as the old one, with nothing eye catching about it. And… Read more