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Facebook Messenger App First Look [Video]

Facebook looks to improve their mobile arsenal today as they release their brand new Facebook ‘Messenger’ Application for Android and iOS. Some have avoided Facebook entirely because of the stats of its current mobile app, but this new release shows promise for a stable future. It’s a bit more than just a messaging app; there is a group location… Read more

MKB Reviews: SpeedTest 2.0

The SpeedTest Application for has received a long awaited update to version 2.0 for Android, which features two main additions: A User Interface overhaul and more accurate readings over 4G networks. It’s still overall a very useful multi-platform application that is helpful with benchmarking network speeds between devices and operating systems. Check out… Read more

MKB Reviews: Twitter for Android V1.0.5

There may be many reasons to switch from the stock Twitter client for Android to any of many numerous other third party applications. Some people like the different look; others like the speed benefits or different features of specific clients. Google aims to keep you hooked to the stock Twitter client for Android with their most recent update of the… Read more