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Nick D’s DogGone Best Android Phones of 2012

This year has been truly exciting for the mobile market. Tons of new devices have been released, some awesome and some truly bizarre. But variety is what we love about Android and what it offers. Android has a true advantage in that it can take whatever form it wants on whatever device the companies decide to slap it on to. 2012 has been a great year… Read more

LG Nexus 4 Ad Tries To Sell A Device That’s Sold Out

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=jsk-L1sbiGA#! LG has released this commercial for their Nexus 4, showing off a few of its new features, both of LG design and Google origin. The ad does a good job of showing people what they’d be getting and why they should get this device. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to get this device… Read more

Google Claims Nexus 4 Shortages Due To Erratic Supply From LG

The Google Nexus 4 was an instant success, selling out within the first hour, and with delivery windows being pushed back weeks. Andy Coughlin, LG UK’s head of mobile, said that the high demand for the device was what set back the company. Google’s UK and Ireland managing director, Dan Cobley, in a way confirms that statement and places most of the… Read more

Nexus 4 Binaries And Factory Images Taken Down

Out of nowhere, Google has taken down both binaries and factory images for the Nexus 4 from their site. If you screw up your phone, and you didn’t download these factory images before, you won’t be able to right now. Make sure to find a reliable source if you do try to find them. Strangely enough, all other devices have their files intact on the… Read more

Nexus 4 Does Not Support USB OTG

In a not-so-shocking turn of events, it has been found out that USB OTG is not supported by the Nexus 4. If you don’t know, USB OTG stands for On-The-Go and is a cable that plugs into your devices microUSB port and has a full USB port at the end. This allows you to plug keyboards, mice, flash drives, and controllers into your device, expanding its use… Read more

LG Surprised By Nexus 4 Demand, Calls It “Extremely Popular”

It seems that both Google and LG were taken aback by the popularity of the Nexus 4. It’s understandable, no other Nexus phone has been very popular, so even to me it came as a shock that the Nexus 4 sold out so quickly. CNET UK talked to LG about the crazy Nexus 4 situation of it selling out so fast every time it’s sold, and LG had a few interesting… Read more