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EBay Places Restrictions On Selling The Nexus 4

eBay is encouraging people to sell their Nexus 4′s in order to take advantage of the high demand for the product, but it has also placed some restrictions on users planning on selling the highly, coveted handset on their site. If you’re a new user, you can only list one Nexus 4 phone per week… which might be a disappointment to those of you who bought… Read more

Google Play Shows 8 GB Nexus 4 Won’t Be Shipping Until 2013

Google has quite the mess on their hands. Yesterday, when they put more Nexus 4 stock up for sale, Google Play simply couldn’t handle the amount of orders, essentially causing it to crash. Now it looks like Google really drained themselves with that last batch, as shipping times are currently showing 8-9 weeks on Google Play for the 8GB model. Well,… Read more

Poll: Were You Able To Snag A Nexus 4 During The Chaos?

In case you hadn’t heard, Google announced this morning that the Nexus 4 would be going back on sale at 12:00 p.m. PST today. After the initial debacle with the phone selling out in a matter of minutes, everybody expected Google to have come back with a hearty supply for everyone. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Another frenzied chaos took place… Read more

Nexus 4 Isn’t Sold Out After All, Just Site Troubles

Looks like you guys might still get a chance to order your Nexus 4. The Play Store is currently displaying a big banner at the top saying that the Nexus 4 is not sold out and will be available for purchase once the site issues are resolved. While it’s ridiculous that they have these site issues in the first place, it’s great to hear that the Nexus 4 is… Read more

Google Starts Sending Out Android 4.2.1 Update, Adds December Back To Your Android Device

While we’re waiting for the Nexus 4 to go back on sale today, there is some good news as Google has started sending out Android 4.2.1 adding December back to the Nexus 4, 7 and 10 devices. There’s been a lot made about the Android 4.2 release as one of the buggier Android releases in recent memory and the loss of December in the contacts app is a… Read more

Daily Steals Selling Nexus 4 16GB For $499

If you wanted the Nexus 4, but missed out on your chance to get it from both the Google Play store as well as T-Mobile, then Daily Steals might be your savior. Daily Steals is selling the 16GB version of the Nexus 4 for $499 until November 27th (so basically tomorrow). If you’re willing to shell out the extra cash, the Nexus 4 can be yours. Here’s one way… Read more