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Nexus One Wi-Fi calling hack for CyanogenMod

The G2 amounts to an updated, hardware keyboard havin’ Nexus One, and why should the Google Phone forerunner, which broke new ground on so many fronts, miss out on the coming wave of Wi-Fi calling in the States? It shouldn’t, and thanks to some clever folks over at xda-developers, the G2′s T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling app has been brought to the N1 in the most… Read more

You want a new Nexus One on T-Mo? Look North!

A new carrier has launched in Canada, and one of their first mobile gadgets is a Google Nexus One–the first to be subsidized in the Great White North. Quebec’s Videotron is offering up unlocked N1s at $479.95, and they function on the same bands as T-Mobile US’ 3G. After an hour of holding the phone (Videotron is having a very busy launch), an agent… Read more

Android Developer Phone 3 back in stock

If there are any Android devs out there who have been looking to grab an ADP3, AKA Nexus One, then now’s your chance. After a short hiatus of availability, it looks like the Nexus One is finally back in stock through the Android Developers website. For $529, at a limit of 10 per customer, you can grab the Nexus from Market.Android.com now. Just a quick… Read more

HTC selling Nexus One accessories

Did you miss your chance to buy a home or car dock before Google stopped selling them (along with the Nexus One)? Well, fret not, anxious reader, because HTC is now selling those N1 accessories via their online store, and the selection also includes: a travel charger, car charger with microUSB connection kit (for hooking up multiple devices), silicone and… Read more

Nexus One is the First Android to go to stratosphere, via NASA

NASA recently carried out an operation named “NexusOne PhoneSat” which sent a Nexus One into the stratosphere. The goal of the experiment was to test the phone’s resilience to G-forces for the purpose of creating smaller satellites. The cellphone was strapped at the back of a rocket and sent 28,000 feet into the stratosphere; the crude Myth-buster way…. Read more

Government testing Nexus One for real-time translation

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have teamed up to explore the options for real-time language translation in Afghanistan. Three systems are under testing as part of the TRANSTAC project, and one of those happens to utilize a Nexus One for the real-time translation of… Read more

Nexus One via Google direct gone

We all knew this was coming when last week Google announced they would be receiving their last shipments of the Nexus for sale on Google.com/phone, it just happened so fast. Last time this came up, I was sure to mention that the device will still be available through a few other outlets, and it looks like those are your only options now. Vodafone will… Read more

The Nexus One is Still My Number One

Its been over  6 months since the Nexus One leaped onto the scene and in Android time, that’s almost an eternity and yet, I find myself more content  with this phone than I have any other I’ve owned. In the last 6 months great Android phones like the Motorold Droid X, the various versions of the Galaxy S series as well as Sprint’s HTC Evo have all… Read more

Google reaching end of web store Nexus sales

We all know this was coming guys, and hey, it’s definitely nothing personal. Google has stated before that they are very happy with how the Nexus helped propel Android into the next phase of it’s life-cycle, and they have now learned form their mistakes. When you look at the fact that Google barely advertised the device and never put it into a retail outlet… Read more