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Nexus Q Has A Little Life In It, Gets CyanogenMod 10.1 Nightlies

The Nexus Q has faced a tough life. Its release was put on hold while Google was redoing it. Then it was completely taken off the Play Store and seems to be cancelled. We don’t know its official fate, but the modding community can still save the few that are in existence. CyanogenMod has released the first CM10.1 nightly for the device, bringing it up… Read more

Poll: How Would You Change The Nexus Q?

When Google unveiled the Nexus Q at its I/O conference in June developers wondered what exactly it was capable of. Apparently, Google themselves have come to wonder the same thing considering they’ve chosen to give out free units to customers who pre-ordered. As it sits, the Nexus Q is only able to stream your Google Play content from the cloud. This… Read more

Nexus Q Pre-orders Beginning To Ship Out Now

Google announced yesterday that they were going to delay the launch of the Nexus Q to improve it and make it more functional. They also mentioned that people who pre-ordered the device would be getting the developer edition for free, no charge at all. They said that they would be coming soon and it looks like they meant it as some customers are… Read more

Nexus Q Gets Torn Down, Full Of Goodies

For every new device, there needs to be a teardown. And as usual, iFixit did just that, ripping apart Google’s new Nexus Q to figure out all of its juicy internal secrets. What did they find? Well, not everything in there was made in America, but what can one expect in today’s global economy? They also gave it a repairability rating of 8/10, meaning… Read more

Thursday Morning Poll: Did You Order The Nexus 7 Or Nexus Q?

After a goodnight sleep we’ve managed to take in most of Google’s announcement yesterday, though we’re still combing through all the days news to find anything we might have missed. In the meantime, the DroidDog staff spent time last night behind the scenes discussing the merits of purchasing either the Nexus 7 or Nexus Q. The easy consensus was… Read more

Google Updates Play Store With New Nexus Devices

Ready to pre-order your very own Nexus 7 tablet? Well, now you can as Google has updated their Play store and pre-orders are now live for the Nexus 7 tablet and Nexus Q. Google’s got a nice overview of the Nexus 7 tablet in the video below and there is little doubt that its specs are more than spectacular for the price. Throw in an HD display, Tegra 3… Read more