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Samsung Nexus S 4G Discontinued, Sprint Finally Moving On

When Sprint released the Nexus S 4G, it was a huge milestone in the Nexus line. It had WiMAX, making it the first Nexus-branded device to offer a 4G technology. That was just about a year ago, and it appears that it’s time for the device to be put to rest. Sprint has just officially discontinued the phone, taking one of the best free devices out of their… Read more

Sprint Says Ice Cream Sandwich Updates Are Coming

Sprint’s just leaked word via their community forums surrounding their planned Ice Cream Sandwich rollout for 2012. Specifically mentioned devices such as the Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch and Nexus S 4G (never-mind that Sprint calls it the Nexus) along with “other key products in our line-up” are set for sometime in 2012. While the Nexus S 4G is… Read more

Nexus S 4G finally receiving update to Android 4.0.4

Owners of Sprint’s variant of the Nexus S have been left out of the loop, as Google has given no information to if or when the phone would be updated to Android 4.0. That is finally changing today, as Sprint has finally gone out and stated that the update will begin rolling out. Here’s everything included in the update: Nexus S Software Update – IMM76D… Read more

Samsung Nexus S 4G for Sprint receives Android 4.0.4 leak, still waiting for official update

Late last week, Google officially started rolling out the latest version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, version 4.0.4. Unfortunately, it didn’t include every Nexus device out there. While owners of the GSM-based Nexus S, the GSM-based Galaxy Nexus and the Motorola XOOM WiFi are happily using the newest update, the CDMA owners of the Nexus S and Galaxy… Read more

Samsung Nexus S and Nexus S 4G said to be getting Ice Cream Sandwich in the coming weeks

We’ve heard in the past that the GSM-based Nexus S by Samsung has received Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but that roll-out didn’t last long and not all owners of the original Nexus S have the newest version of Android on their phones at this point. What’s worse, though, is that Sprint’s CDMA model hasn’t seen an official update at all. But, while HTC… Read more

Samsung Nexus S 4G gets a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich

It has been a little while now since Google released the official update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for the GSM-based version of the Nexus S by Samsung. But there’s been no word on when the CDMA-based Nexus S 4G, the one released for Sprint, will be getting the update. If you’re someone who can’t wait, though, there’s a new ROM with the latest build… Read more

Best Buy Mobile marks August 17 as Free Phone Wednesday

Best Buy is at it again, giving some customers the opportunity to pick up a high-end Android-powered device for no cost. As usual, if you’re a new customer or a qualified upgrading customer, you’ll be able to pick up a select device on a particular carrier free of charge. It’s an event that Best Buy has done in the past, and it obviously worked well enough… Read more

What will Google be giving away this year at I/O?

Every year at Google I/O, the Big G gives away at least one shiny new device to every attendee that they can take home and use for development. This year, there’s been a lot of buzz around whether or not the device of choice would be the Nexus S or Xoom, but it looks like those headed to I/O are in luck; it might be both. According to a rumor… Read more