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Nexus S 4G available May 8th

Those of you looking to get your hands on a Nexus S 4G won’t have to wait long, as Sprint has just announced that the untouched Android experience device will be available for purchase May 8th. The Nexus S 4G — simply a Nexus S with WiMAX radios on board — is a Sprint Android user’s dreams come true. Coming with Android 2.3 right at launch, the… Read more

Weekend rumor roundup: G2x, Evo 3D and more

During a normal weekend in the Blogosphere, news is incredibly slow, and for the most part, nonexistent. Then you have weekends leading up to a wireless convention where major news leaks late on a Saturday night. In the past couple days alone, we’ve learned about five new devices rumored for different carriers in the US: the Nexus S 4G, Evo 3D, HTC View, LG… Read more