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Poll: Is your Nexus S randomly rebooting?

Taylor from Android and Me has been reporting via Twitter and his site that, since the last update, his Nexus S reboots randomly, and it happens every day. He’s not the only one, either. This issue was reported in Google’s support forums at the end of December and Google responded by saying that they have successfully reproduced the bug and are working… Read more

Nexus S gets the overclock treatment

Thanks to a little kernel magic from Team Whiskey’s morfic, the Nexus S is now running at 1.3GHz stable. This isn’t the first time Samsung’s 1GHz Hummingbird processor has received the overlcock treatment, devices like the Samsung Vibrant have been OC’ed and lag-fixed to no end. Team Whiskey has long been making ROMs and kernels for Samsung devices,… Read more

Korean carriers passing on the Nexus S

When Google first partnered with HTC to release the Nexus One, the device quickly made its way into Asian carrier Korean Telecom’s lineup, selling roughly 50,000 units since June. Despite the success of the Nexus One and Galaxy S overseas, it looks like the hybrid Nexus S may be a different story. According to a report from the Korea Times, carriers in… Read more

Cyanogen Mod 7 alpha available in ROM Manager

Merry Christmas from Android developer @koush and the hottest recovery image out there, @clockworkmod: two alpha builds of CyanogenMod were made available to Nexus S owners this weekend: the first CM alpha 7 and an update that fixed Wi-Fi and camcorder, making it a fully functional ROM. This is alpha software and flashers should be ready for some… Read more

Nexus S connected to 42″ touch screen

How’s this for a holiday gift? A Best Buy in San Carlos, CA has rigged up a Nexus S with a 42″ touch screen display and apparently some mirrors for camera functionality. The result is a rather non-responsive but nonetheless cool giant phone. Jason Kincaid from Tech Crunch grabbed a Best Buy employee to pull camera duties so he could take us for a spin… Read more

Video: Dogfight! Nexus S vs. G2 vs. myTouch 4G

If you’re an Android aficionado on T-Mobile, and you’re looking to score a new device, chances are you’ve been looking at the Nexus S, HTC G2, or myTouch 4G. Specs wise, the three are pretty similar. There have different processors, different amounts of memory, and different screens among others, but performance wise they are all on par. So which one should… Read more

Nexus S comes complete with no Gorilla Glass

It seems odd that the entirety of Samsung’s Galaxy S line comes complete with an extra durable, scratch resistant Gorilla Glass screen, but the Nexus S doesn’t. Unfortunately, that’s the fact of the matter. This weekend, @Samsungservice was asked by @Corning, who was asked by someone else, if the Nexus S has a Gorilla Glass screen. The answer? “@Corning… Read more

ifixit tears down Nexus S

Whether you dropped your lovely new device in liquid and need to clean it out or you just like to see the guts of gadgetry, ifixit, as always, has you covered with a tear down of the hottest new phone on the market. This time, Google’s Nexus S is exposed. Ooooh, that contour screen. Mmmm, that 1GHz Hummingbird. And oh, oh, the 5MP cam. Hummina, hummina,… Read more

Nexus S rooted, given ClockwordMod recovery

Here we go, folks. The next Google gadget designated for Android development has been rooted and given the ClockworkMod recovery treatment. After announcing the hurdle in a tweet from the ClockworkMod twitter account, Android hacker Koush sent out a link to the Nexus S rooting guide at xda-developers. The flood gates are open, and now it’s time to see what… Read more

Video: Nexus S – Ninja Unboxing 2!

Do you remember Google’s Nexus One launch video? You know, the stop-motion Ninja Unboxing. Well, The Big G has kicked things up a notch with todays launch of the Nexus S, and the ninjas are very excited about it. Google officially announced US availability of the device, which features the “Pure Google” experience of Android version 2.3–Gingerbread, a… Read more