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New Nexus S blurry shot turns up online

Over the last week I have received a lot, and I do mean a lot, of questions on the Nexus S. People desperately want to know more. While we may not have release info, or pricing and availability, we do have another another (slightly) blurry pic of the device, showing off it’s unique frontside. As you can see from the picture above, and as you may… Read more

Nexus S on video with Eric Schmidt

Those who were late to the Web 2.0 Summit webcast yesterday were limited to a few still shots of Google’s Eric Schmidt demonstrating new features of an “unannounced device,” but the full 45 minute interview video has now been posted on YouTube. There are lots of interesting points in the discussion, but if you just want a gander at Samsung’s Nexus S–as… Read more

Eric Schmidt shows off Nexus S

Eric Schmidt spoke at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco today (a live video feed is embedded below for those of you who catch this post soon enough) and he showed off a Nexus S, though he refused to say anything regarding the model name or manufacturer. He did however joke that, although Google would not be producing a Nexus Two, the letter S is another… Read more

Nexus S scrapped for dual-core replacement?

In response to yesterday’s Nexus S leakfest, I wondered out loud (out text?) if it was some kind of coordinated attack, and concluded that, no, it wasn’t. As Taylor Wimberly of Android and Me points out in a thick and juicy post on the death of the Nexus S and birth of it’s usurper, November 11th was the original launch date for the scrapped original, and… Read more

Nexus S leaks continue with specs

What is this, a coordinated marketing attack consisting of a barrage of Nexus S leaks? Well, no. But it sure has been a busy day in the recently-less-cloudy world of the ultra-buzzed Galaxy device. After briefly turning up as a pre-order on Best Buy’s website this morning, an apparent Best Buy flyer was spotted with an image that depicted the Nexus S… Read more

More Nexus S leaks: Real pictures and FCC shake-down

The Nexus train rolls on this afternoon, now with real pictures and FCC certification. Here’s the rundown: There are pictures on Picasa and Flicker that have indeed been taken with the Nexus S. We know this thanks to EXIF data. Well in the same albums where photos were taken by the Nexus S, there are photos also taken by the GT-i9020. The model number… Read more

Nexus S pre-order briefly shows up at BestBuy.com

The leak has already been plugged. That is, the page that was found on Best Buy’s website this morning–the one that offered a link to pre-order the Nexus S–has been fixed. But Quentyn from Phandroid took a screenshot (seen below) and also checked Google Cache for a back-up, and here it is. As you can see, the “Pure Google” Nexus S is/was set to be… Read more