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Google Announces More Devices Compatible With Google Wallet, Only Sprint And US Cellular Devices

Google Wallet has been somewhat of an exclusive club, and there is nothing good about that. Not many devices support the service, and all the devices that do are exclusive to Sprint and some smaller carriers. Google Wallet has failed to expand, the biggest reason being the other three big carriers all supporting Isis mobile payment over Wallet. However,… Read more

Galaxy S 4 Cannot Read Original TecTiles, New Ones Coming Soon

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is a huge upgrade over its predecessor, and one of the things that was upgraded was the NFC chip. With the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10, Google started using a Broadcom NFC chip instead of the NXP chips they always used. And Samsung went with it, replacing the old NXP PN544 with a Broadcom BCM2079x. While this chip supports more open… Read more

How Long Will We Have To Wait Until NFC Goes Mainstream?

Ask almost any mobile tech savvy person about NFC and they can give you a pretty good answer. It’s short for Near Field Communication and allows devices to interact with each other by being in very close proximity. It can be used to transfer files or simply trigger things. The possibilities are incredibly vast with NFC and it makes me wonder, why isn’t… Read more

Samsung Teams Up With Visa For payWave NFC Payments

Mobile payments are the future, but they are still so unpopular. Google Wallet has been a push for NFC payments, but being restricted to a handful of devices really doesn’t help. There are a few Google Wallet competitors out there, but none of them are widespread. Carrier-friendly system Isis is coming eventually, and now we have a new Visa/Samsung… Read more

(Update: It’s Called The HTC Mini) HTC Comes Up With Small Bluetooth Handset To Augment Large Phones

People are often complaining that smartphones are getting too big. I often agree, though my Galaxy Note II betrays that. HTC thinks they have found a solution, but it’s not making smartphones any smaller. They want to include an accessory with every big smartphone that will act like a mini phone, connected through Bluetooth using a tap with NFC. This… Read more

NFC Secure Beta: A Fantastic Implementation For NFC

Phone security has always been an issue.  Android allows multiple options to try and keep your device secure: face unlock with blinking, patterns, pins, etc.  Most of these options will probably keep your device pretty secure, unless you run into Jason Bourne, or an experienced hacker.  Even then, there are some pretty silly ways to get around these… Read more

Verizon Explains Google Wallet Needs To Remove Secure NFC Access To Be Allowed On VZ Phones

Verizon has a history of blocking apps, like various tethering apps and Google Wallet. The FCC already cracked down on the former, but Wallet is still unusable on all Verizon devices (that is, without some modding). Verizon has responded to an FCC complaint explaining why they don’t allow Google Wallet on their phones. Their reasoning is that the app… Read more

Gemalto Creates First SIM Card With NFC Functionality

Mobile security juggernaut, Gemalto, has achieved another, huge milestone by combining NFC functionality into SIM cards. The SIM card is known as the UpTeq NFC SIM, and will the first SIM card with NFC capabilities. It will be compatible with Visa’s payWave, MasterCard’s PayPass, and AMEX ExpressPay. This top-shelf  SIM card is now being utilized by… Read more