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Sony MT27i Pepper ad still suggests the device is coming

In the early part of January, we saw what was reportedly the Sony Ericsson MT27i, or Pepper, revealed on camera. It was a device up until that point that had only been rumored about, and never caught on camera. That changed then, but that was the last we heard about the unannounced handset. There were plenty of suggestions that the device would be part of… Read more

Google Wallet headed to 10 new devices on Sprint this year

Sprint has so far been the only carrier to offer full support of Google’s new payment option, Wallet. On top of that, only the Nexus S 4G actually takes advantage of the service, due to the NFC chip on board. Sprint is planning on ramping up with the service this year however, and will be offering at least 10 new devices. Only the LG Viper 4G is confirmed… Read more

Seidio now including NFC on its 3800mAh extended batteries for Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus

Seidio has been offering a Super Extended Battery for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus for awhile now, featuring 3800mAh of Japanese battery goodness. One of its biggest flaws was the fact that it didn’t include NFC support, something some users may consider vital. Seidio has been swift and is now shipping the battery with NFC capability. Now users can get the best… Read more

Moneto microSD cards now available, bringing NFC to Android phones

Last month we reported of a service called moneto, offering a microSD card that brought NFC capabilities to many Android phones. Considering only a few devices are capable these days, it could be a very useful feature for many users. By simply downloading an app and sticking in the card, the phone is good to go. The service is now available, costing only… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 passes through the FCC gauntlet

Just ten days ago, the first document for the Galaxy Mini 2 by Samsung broke cover. The device itself is meant specifically for the mid-range market, but considering the market the safe assumption that it will have a lower price tag is pretty common. With the handset rumored to be launching soon, it’s no surprise that the device has made an appearance… Read more

Moneto bringing NFC to Android devices with microSD cards

NFC is supposed to be the new way to make payments anywhere, but it has received poor support across all fronts. Moneto is looking to fix that problem, with a simple SD card. By simply inserting this microSD card into the slot, and then applying a sticker to the inside of you battery, you get a fully NFC-enabled Android device. The service is partnered with… Read more

Paypal getting into the NFC game (in Sweden)

We know that Android has been getting a lot of NFC love these days. We have Google Wallet, there is an upcoming launch for ISIS (the wireless carrier supported NFC system), and now, it looks like Paypal is trying to get in on the party. Paypal recently launched phone-to-phone NFC money exchanges in an Android app last month. The app is currently under… Read more

Acer Liquid Express launches with NFC support

Acer may not be a well-known, household name when it comes to smartphones here in the United States, but that’s obviously not slowing down the manufacturer from launching handsets worldwide. (It’s also no secret that the developer community likes to use Acer’s custom UI for some custom ROMs out there.) They’ve just launched another handset, called the… Read more

Pay with a buzz: PayPal announces NFC support

PayPal finally announced the long-anticipated support of NFC (near field communications) transactions for mobile devices at MobileBeat2011. The feature will allow payment requests and authorizations via a couple of taps of the screen and holding two NFC-capable gadgets together. For now, PayPal is using the Nexus S as the flagship demo device. But with… Read more