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NFC support in Google+

WIth Google+ in its early stages, full integration across Google properties and technologies has yet to be realized. But it’s clear that that is what Google is aiming for: communication between various devices, systems, and web apps for the purpose of uniformity across the Google brand and for a more engrossing experience. The black bar you see on… Read more

Sony Ericsson partners with NXP to bring you NFC

As NFC continues to heat up in the mobile payement race, another major manufacturer has announced who they’ll be partnering with to bring near field communications to consumers everywhere. The manufacturer is Sony Ericsson, and the partner is NXP. According a press release put out by the two, SE will be using the NXP PN65 embedded NFC chip with… Read more

FaceCash adds NFC support

FaceCash® Overview from Think Computer Corporation on Vimeo. Palo Alto based mobile payments system FaceCash has added NFC support to its software, making it the first such app to support both bar codes and near field communications. FaceCash provides both a method of transferring cash at retail POS locations via a mobile app that works on Android and… Read more

Google Wallet announcement coming tomorrow

The long discussed launch of Google’s own NFC (Near Field Communications) payment solution is likely to happen tomorrow, according to Bloomberg and Joshua Topolski. Five cities: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington D.C. will first see the swipe-to-pay system in place. A number of Sprint, Citibank, Mastercard and VeriFone, as… Read more

New HTC Pyramid pictures leak out, NFC on-board?

Those of you who were waiting to catche a glimpse of the rumored to be T-Mobile bound HTC Pyramid at CTIA were sorely let down. There was plenty of other Magenta colored goodies to be found, but no Pyramid. Fortunately, there’s still good leaks out there. The HTC Pyramid has been caught on film and shown off on XDA where some specs have been… Read more

Google continuing work on NFC payments

When Google first released the Nexus S with NFC compatibility, it was obvious the company was looking to cash in on the payment Market by using near field communications. According to the Wall Street Journal, that vision is becoming more of a reality thanks to secret partnership with Google, MasterCard, and Citigroup. Google is rumored to be testing… Read more

Paypal suit Osama Bedier breaks for Google

Google is making big moves towards NFC (near field communications) payments, and today, PayPal confirmed that their VP of platform, mobile, and new ventures, Osama Bedier, was heading for the ranks of Google. And after learning that Paypal has ben considering their own NFC payment system, Bedier’s task at Google is all but spelled out for us…. Read more

Video: NFC aware apps trickling into the Market

Google is working hard to incorporate NFC (near field communications) technology into their existing products, as they have with Places and Hotpot in Portland, Oregon. But we have yet to see much NFC tech in Android Market apps. After all, the recently released Nexus S is the only Android currently available that is capable of supporting it. Now there… Read more