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Win a Nook for your favorite teacher

Barnes & Noble’s My Favorite Teacher contest gives students around the country a chance to bring recognition to a teacher that has made a difference in their lives. Students can write essays, poems, and thank you letters detailing a special teacher’s hard work and impact on their students and present them at any Barnes & Noble for consideration. Local… Read more

New Nook for Android update

Barnes & Noble has released version 2.2 of their Android app, adding new features such as a cover view pop-up menu with shortcuts for frequently used and requested actions, the ability to hide the status bar while reading for a more immersive experience, and options to change spacing and justification. Performance enhancements are also included. Running… Read more

I love my $149 nook Wi-Fi

With all the hype surrounding the Kindle DX and the rest of the Kindle line, for that matter, one might think Amazon and Apple had the e-book market cornered and trembling. But there still are other viable options out there. I’ve tried Borders’ Kobo with it’s sloppy little d-pad, and a couple of Sony’s older clunkers (though I have yet to hold their more… Read more

Wi-Fi Nook (no 3G) launches at $149


Competing with the iPad means big price slashesfor OEMs of ebook readers. When the Android-based Nook launched, its greatest barrier to success was Amazon’s Kindle, but now, Apple’s shadow looms large across the ebook landscape. That’s good news for us, because the original 3G Nook has dropped from $259 to $199 and a new 3G-only version will only set you… Read more

Barnes & Noble Nook


Specs: Android; full color secondary touch screen that allows for shopping, content selection, bookmarking, notes, and highlights; 2 Gigs of space means you can hold about 1500 books in your pack; and with the wireless turned off you get 10 days of battery life. Comes with free, lifetime 3G. Released: November 30th for $259. Available through… Read more

Android-powered Nook syncs with iPhone, BlackBerry, and, uh…..

EDIT: An Android client will be released eventually, but not before the launch of Nook. I missed the blurb in one of the press documents. This is exciting to me. I really don’t spend enough time reading for pleasure anymore, and an Android e-reader just might give me a valid excuse to spend work time buried in a true crime murder mystery the latest… Read more