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Nook to refresh retailer’s shelves

Barnes & Noble announced this week that their Nook Simple Touch (review) and Nook Color (review) e-book readers will be available from OfficeMax and Fred Meyer stores beginning this Saturday, July 30th. OfficeMax locations can be found around the U.S. Fred Meyer is a Pacific Northwest grocery and department chain. Price points are $139 for the… Read more

N2A makes Nook Color hacking easy

N2A (formerly Nook2Android) is a CyanogenMod Gingerbread installation that runs via an image that is sold on microSD cards. No software installation is required. Simply boot from one of the cards, follow a few simple steps, and your Nook Color will run as a complete Android tablet, Market access and all. When you’re ready to jump back to the device’s… Read more

Barnes and Noble announce new NOOK: The Simple Touch Reader

Barnes & Noble announced today pre-order availability for their new simplified Nook e-book reader, The Simple Touch. This Wi-Fi-only e-ink tablet runs $139 and will be shipping on June 10th. The 6″ display is black & white, and, as the title suggests, is touch sensitive. The Simple Touch runs Android 2.1 without Market access. But B&N is launching a new… Read more

NOOK app for Android updated

Barnes & Noble announced today the availability of a new version of their popular NOOK application, which brings a total of over 140 digital periodicals to Android tablets running Android version 2.1 and higher. The update also brings viewing optimisations for 7-inch-plus tablets, including the bookseller’s Article View technology. NOOK version… Read more

NOOKcolor updated to v1.2, Android 2.2

An update for Barnes & Noble’s NOOKcolor has been released today that features not only a new version of Android, but turns up the functionality of unhacked NOOKcolors. The biggest change in the NOOKcolor’s update to 1.2, which is actually Android 2.2, is the addition of B&N’s “broad collection of popular NOOK Apps.” You won’t find access to the… Read more

Run Honeycomb from NOOKcolor SD card

This is great news for people who like testing new software and tinkering around without actually altering (and potentially damaging) their hard earned gear. XDA-Developers member deeper-blue has made public his project that patches together the Honeycomb SDK emulator images, parts of CyanogenMod, and other little bits, allowing Android 3.0 to run on a… Read more

NOOKcolor updated to 1.1.0

Barnes & Noble’s full color e-reader (and what might be the best bang-for-your-buck Android Tablet on the market) was updated to firmware version 1.1.0 today, which brings the following fixes/enhancements: Improved performance of Wi-Fi connectivity, Home and Shop. Ability to pinch and zoom in browser. Enhanced reading experience for magazines and… Read more

NOOKcolor overclocked to 1.1GHz

B&N’s e-reader, the NOOKcolor, has been hacked and modded so much, calling it anything less than a full fledged tablet just isn’t right. In the most recent breakthrough with the NOOKcolor, xda-developers member dalingrin has made a Clockwork flashable kernel that puts the NC’s operating frequency at roughly 1.1GHz and stable. Early numbers out of the… Read more

NOOKcolor gets ClockworkMod

Those of you NOOKcolor fanatics that have rooted and otherwise hacked the sleek little e-reader will be happy to know that Android’s top recovery ClockworkMod, and the ultimate flasher’s friend, ROM Manager, are both are Nook aware as of yesterday, when announcement was made on Twitter. If you’ve got the Market running on your NC, simply install ROM… Read more

Nook line is Barnes and Noble smash

Barnes & Noble’s Nook and NOOKColor have taken the e-reading world by storm; their popularity is evident. But did you know that the Nook line is B&N’s “biggest bestseller in its (nearly 40 year) history”? Yes, the e-readers have apparently beat out sippy cup coffee mugs and…does B&N sell anything else bearing the brand? All kidding aside, sales of… Read more