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Is Barnes and Noble resetting rooted NOOKcolors?

Some folks over at xda-developers have been discussing an issue with Barnes & Noble’s NOOKcolor where accessing the online shop results in a factory reset. The wipe is apparently preceded by an authentication error. So far, only owners of hacked NCs are reporting the issue but it isn’t happening to every rooted Nook. Those who have encountered the reset… Read more

Kindle for Android on NOOKcolor

Since the launch of Barnes & Noble’s NOOKcolor (review) the device has been hacked into a cost efficient tablet. One of the main advantages to rooting a device like the NOOKcolor is that it provides access to the Android Market and its huge catalog of apps–apps like Amazon’s Kindle for Android. Seeing Amazon’s Kindle for Android app running on… Read more

Auto-Nooter simplifies NOOKcolor rooting and app install

If you’ve been following my NOOKcolor journey from the shelf to a hacked little beast of an e-reader, you know that the process wasn’t nearly as simple as the one-click methods we’ve come to expect on so many Android phones. But hacking your NC recently got a whole lot easier with Auto-Nooter, a simplified method for rooting NOOKcolor and installing some… Read more

Android Market running on NOOKcolor

Finally: the hack e-reading geeks have been waiting for has arrived. I just spent the last 25 minutes or so enabling the Android Market on my rooted NOOKcolor. And, as you can see in the screen grabs below, all is working well. This modification transforms my NC into an affordable yet elegant little tablet, and makes much more sense to me than installing… Read more

NOOKcolor ate microSD card, NC was quickly exchanged

I wanted nothing more today than to violate my NOOKcolor warranty and get crackin’ on those third party apps after rooting, but I didn’t get a chance. Before any hackery began, I went to slip my microSD card into the oddly misshapen slot that hid under a panel at that distinctive hook corner of my Nook, waiting for it to click into place. The card slipped… Read more

Froyo on NOOK color? It can be done right now

Whenever any Android device gets rooted, it’s a sure thing that cooked ROMs are close behind. Barnes & Noble’s NOOKcolor (recently rooted) is no exception. It may not be in total operating condition but a vanilla build of Froyo is indeed up and running on what is now being dubbed one of the cheapest Android tablets to date. Considering that WiFi,… Read more

NOOKcolor SDK released

If you’re a software developer that’s anxious to dig into the world of NOOKcolor coding, prepare to engage. The SDK (API level 7) is available for download from Barnes & Noble. Right now, the developer program is geared towards those with reading-centric apps, but perhaps the doors to social, productivity, and game apps will open up before too long. If… Read more

NOOKcolor teardown

The NOOKcolor (review) has been given an official teardown from ZDNet with every phase of the painstakingly precise process photographed for your viewing pleasure. There’s nothing too special to point out inside B&N’s quasi-tablet (a plain-jane PCB, some TI innards, and a screen manufactured by LG), but for those of you that get off on this stuff, that… Read more

NOOKcolor rooting guide

We told you the other day that the NOOKcolor was rooted, but steered clear of any sort of written or video walk-through. And while I’m still holding out on the prospect of bricking by glowing toy, NOOKdevs.com has put together a super-friendly guide, complete with cute imagery. It’s a risky procedure, and not as quick or simple as those you’ll find… Read more

NOOKcolor rooted, dressed with LauncherPro

It was bound to happen eventually, and in typical xda-developers style, it came sooner rather than later. There are 50 pages worth of posts at that link, but what they all boil down to is that Barnes & Noble’s NOOKcolor (unboxing, review) has been rooted. I think I’ll wait to take the plunge myself until I see some real benefit…or until I get sick of… Read more