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Rumor: The Galaxy S IV Will Include An S Pen

A new rumor from Korea claims that the next Galaxy S flagship, probably named the S IV, will come with an S Pen. Other rumors stating that the S IV will have a 5″ 1080p display (supported by Samsung creating such panels soon) mean that the S IV will creep closer and closer to the phablet territory. 5″ would be plenty big for various pen-related… Read more

New Rumor Says Samsung Galaxy Note III Will Feature 6.3″ Display

If a new Korea Times report is to be believed, Samsung is planning to produce a 6.3″ display for their next generation Galaxy Note for a 2013 arrival. That’s a pretty big bump in display size considering the jump between the current Galaxy Note II and its predecessor was only 0.2″. According to the Korea Times rumor mill, Samsung will work to… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note II Now Available On Verizon For $299

Good morning Verizon fans as the clock strikes November 29th and you know what that means — the Galaxy Note II (and it’s big Verizon home button logo) are now available. With a two-year service agreement, the Note II on the Big Red network will run you $299 and is the very same Galaxy Note II we’ve seen pop up around the world. Minus the horribly… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note II On Verizon Finally Begins To Ship

While most carriers got the popular Galaxy Note II last month, Verizon was a bit behind. While they gave no definitive date, many customers who pre-ordered said that Verizon was giving them a November 27th ship date. Well Verizon stayed true to their word, and we can confirm that at least some Note IIs have begun to ship. As for a retail and… Read more

LeBron James Is King, Or So His Custom Galaxy Note II Tells Us

It seems like the Galaxy Note II is constantly in the news, but this is the best story I’ve heard all week: LeBron James received his Galaxy Note II early, and it’s custom just for him. Take a look at the image above, that is some true style. If anyone needed a reminder that LeBron is the king, look no further than his cell phone of choice. So, what… Read more