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Samsung Teases Galaxy Note II Event For Late October

Samsung just sent out a “Save the Date” for October 24th, teasing the “Next Big Thing” with an S Pen front and center. Without any additional details, we’re left to guess what this could be, but we really can’t imagine it being anything other than the Galaxy Note II. Our money is on an US focused Galaxy Note II special event launch and hopefully… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note II Gets First Release Date, In The UK

Samsung’s Galaxy Note II finally has a release date, unfortunately it’s a release date for the UK, and well over a month before its expected to launch on US carriers in mid-November. The Note II will be available unlocked from Samsung’s flagship London store in, and “all major networks” in the UK including Three, O2 and Vodafone. No official… Read more

New Galaxy Note II Leaked Screen Shots Hint At AT&T Arrival

While our friends at TmoNews have shown the world that a T-Mobile-bound Galaxy Note II exists, the folks at Brief Mobile are showing off the model headed for AT&T store shelves. Indicating that the AT&T model is “virtually identical” to its international counterpart, the SGH-I317 is currently undergoing device testing, though no word… Read more

Leak Points To T-Mobile Galaxy Note II

It was just a week or two that Samsung and T-Mobile finally teamed up to launch the Galaxy Note, but we’re now hearing rumors of the Galaxy Note II hitting Magenta’s network. Our pals over at TmoNews obtained some screenshots of the purported Note II natively on T-Mobile’s network, showing the phone running Android 4.1.1 on a 720×1280 display. TmoNews… Read more