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Samsung Offers Free S Pen Optimized Apps For Note 10.1 Owners

If you bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, we have some more good news for you. Samsung is offering even more free apps for you, all optimized for that new S Pen. If you thought app support for the S Pen was weak, well this should change your mind and show you support is improving fast. Hit the source link to Samsung’s site for more into. Here’s a… Read more

James Franco Stars In A Galaxy Note 10.1 Commercial

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKzNr2y_qTQ&feature=player_embedded#! The newest Galaxy Note 10.1 commercial stars James Franco doing all sorts of tasks, all at once, aided by his trusty Note 10.1. The tablet is shown off to be great at multitasking, which is its main selling point, aside from the S Pen of curse. It’s a fun commercial, which does a good… Read more

PSA: Temporary CWM.zip Found To Brick Galaxy Note Too

It looks like they’ve found another thing that could be triggering the infamous eMMC brick bug. Apparently temporary CWM.zip contains the code necessary to cause a brick. These temporary zips are used to root the Note, when there is no custom kernel present. They should not be used for any reason, they can brick your phone. The recoveries in most… Read more

Samsung Drops Kernel Source For Korean Galaxy Note 10.1

The kernel source for the Korean carrier models of the Galaxy Note 10.1 has dropped, with source available for both the SHW-M480K and SHW-M80S models. Both of these are carrier branded versions. The source is not available for the WiFi model yet, but knowing Samsung’s track record with source, it should be soon. Hit the source link to take a look at the… Read more

Samsung Made The Big Bucks In Q2 Of 2012

Samsung’s Galaxy S III was easily the most anticipated phone this year, and now Samsung has some numbers to back it up. Total operating profit came in at a large $5.86 billion, with one major factor pushing the number: smartphone sales. Leading phones included the aforementioned Galaxy S III, along with the mystical phablet Galaxy Note. With the Galaxy… Read more

Galaxy Note 10.1 Commercial Live Online

Although, Samsung is allegedly planning its “Next Galaxy” event on August 15th, it still taking to the web to advertise for the new Note 10.1 tablet. Samsung, who is hoping to turn things around with their tablet line after becoming such a huge name, is hoping to bring in a similar market to what they did with the Phablet, the OG Galaxy Note. For… Read more

T-Mobile Galaxy Note is Official

T-Mobile has officially announced it will be carrying the coveted Phablet, the Galaxy Note. After much speculation, numerous rumors and leaks, T-Mobile has finally let us know the low-down. The Tmo version will sport HSPA+42 capabilities but will still be sporting the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor found in the AT&T version. Extra features include… Read more

T-Mobile Confirms Galaxy Note Coming Via Twitter

T-Mobile has officially confirmed that they are getting the Samsung Galaxy Note on their Twitter! It’s been a long time, and after countless rumors, leaks, and documents, it’s finally confirmed. Unfortunately, no date or even estimate was given. Not even a “soon.” We do know it will come eventually though, and that’s a plus. However, how late is it… Read more