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Galaxy Note ICS Update Comes with a Few Surprises

Some new features have surfaced on the International Galaxy Note after its Ice Cream Sandwich update. A “Premium Suite” of  new features, including a greeting cards application (My Story), Formula Solving, improved S Memo interface and more are added to the already fully functional device. In addition, it seems Samsung included a few extra features… Read more

Want To Reset Your Galaxy SIII’s Flash Counter? TriangleAway Has Been Updated For The SIII

The app TriangleAway, a staple of any rooted Galaxy SII user’s arsenal, has been updated for both the Galaxy SIII and the international Galaxy Note. Apparently Samsung integrated some new protections for the flash counter. While the Galaxy SIII is completely open, warranty isn’t as safe, so tread with caution and no one is responsible for any possible… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Rumored to be Released on October

The Galaxy Note by Samsung was quite a revolution in the mobile tech world. It proved that a phone/tablet hybrid can work and can find a consumer group that would really enjoy it. With that much success, a follow-up is all but obvious. Now UbuntuLife is claiming that the second iteration of the Note is already in works and slated to be released this fall… Read more

New Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Shown Off

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eueOIjW5cIo&feature=player_embedded The redesigned Note 10.1 tablet, the true successor to the Tab 10.1, has been shown off on video. With the redesign comes the 1.4 GHz quad core Exynos with the incredible Mali-400 GPU and an S-Pen slot in the body. The biggest problem with the Tab 10.1 was the digitizer detecting touch… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note Gets ICS OTA In India

It looks like Samsung is pushing ICS to Galaxy Notes everywhere. The newest country to get it is India. It’s available as both an OTA or through Kies software from a computer. It’s great to finally see Samsung using OTA updates for models outside of the US. Most of their older phones needed Kies to be updated, meaning having to tether your phone to a… Read more