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Google Now Adds Walking And Cycling Card, Helping You Stay Fit While Tracking Your Every Move

Google Now is showing you how much you’ve walked and biked, all by tracking your location periodically. On one hand, this is a truly useful feature. It acts as a less accurate pedometer, and while it doesn’t give you all the info most nice pedometers do, it’s still a good tool for tracking fitness. On the other, your location is being tracked. Not only… Read more

Google Now Updated, Comes With Voice Actions And Gmail Integration

Along with Android 4.2 came an update to Google Now, not limited to Android 4.2 users. It’s a pretty significant update, so if you’re running Android 4.1 or above, hit the source link to grab the update. Google is integrating Gmail into Google Now. They’ve been doing this with the Google search box on the site for a few weeks, so it makes sense that… Read more

Android 4.2 Includes Photo Sphere, Multi User Support, And More

Google launched many devices today, and their unifying factor was the new Android 4.2. Thought it’s still called Jelly Bean, it comes with plenty improvements and new features. This isn’t a small update. Here are a few new features: Photo Sphere http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=0poff-mHQ4Q Photo Sphere is an awesome new… Read more

Google Talk Offering Similar Function To Google Now

Only a small percentage of Android devices have Jelly Bean, and Jelly Bean is the only way to have Google Now. It’s a very useful app I find myself actually using once in a while. However, if you don’t have Jelly Bean, or even an Android phone, you can experience a small part of Google Now yourself. If you have a Google Talk app on any device, and add… Read more

Unlocked Galaxy S III’s In UK Receiving Jelly Bean Update

The massive Galaxy S III Jelly Bean rollout continues, with UK unlocked devices being updated right now. Those who are using the “BTU” British unlocked devices should be very happy, as they’re getting a pretty good update. Not only does it contain Project Butter, famed for making device smooth as butter (or other smooth substances), but it also comes… Read more

HTC One X+ Available In The UK, Pre-Orders Open For US

The HTC One X+ is finally available for purchase….. in the UK. Us Americans don’t get a taste of it just yet. The One X+ is available through Expansys UK for £494.99. You can order it from here and pay for US shipping, but there is another solution. Expansys USA has the phone for pre-order right now for $699.99. A bit pricey, but we are talking about… Read more